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ASDP Monitoring and Evaluation Documents



  Key Documents
ASDP M&E Framework (Updated:16/03/2011)
ASDP M&E guideline(English)(Updated:08/06/2010)
ASDP M&E guideline(kiswahili)(Updated:08/06/2010)
ARDS Operation Guide
  Progrress of ASDP
ASDP Baseline Data Report 2007/08 (English)(Updated:08/06/2010)
ASDP M&E Progress Report 2008/09 (English)(Updated:08/06/2010)
  ASDP Performance Report 2009/10(English)(Updated:16/03/2011)

  Common format for village/ward agricultural extension officers (VAEO/WAEO)
VAEO/WAEO Reporting format (Kiswahili)(Updated:09/05/2014)
VAEO/WAEO Reporting format (English)(Updated 19/09/2013)

Training Guide for VAEO/WAEO (Kiswahili)(Updated:18/11/2011)

Common format for Districts
Integrated Data Collection Format (English)(Updated:18/11/2011)
Training Guide for LGAs (English)(Updated:16/03/2011)
DADP Progress Reporting 
1.Updated Report Format
1.1 DADP Progress Report Format at LGA Level
1.2 DADP Progress Report Format at Regional Level
1.3 DADP Progress Carry-over Report Format at LGA Level)
1.4 DADP Progress Carry-over Report Format at Regional Level 
2.Supplementary Materials
2.1 Supplementary Materials on Operational Guide and Preparation/Consolidation Manual
2.2 Report Checklists
2.3 Reference Material for File Keeping for Project Management


LGMD2 Monitoring and Evaluation


  LGMD2 Operating Manual District v1053
  LGMD2 Operating Manual Regional v1053
  LGMD2 Operating Manual National v1053
  IP Address for synchronization
  LGMD2i user Manual - District
  LGMD2i user Manual - Supervisor
  LGMD2i Problem & Solutions



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