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Agricultural Basic Data

The Ministry of Agriculture Food Security and Cooperatives has been publishing the Basic Data Booklet over a number of years. The essence of producing this booklet is to provide fundamental data on agriculture sector in the country. The information contained in the publication is doubtless useful for policy makers, decision makers and other planners for the agriculture sector. The data content in the booklet include area, production and yield for food and cash crops, agriculture and the domestic economy, rainfall, and agricultural input. Other information is available on crops prices and land cover distribution.

Agriculture Basic Data 1996/97-2002/03

Agriculture Basic Data 1998/99-2004/05

Agriculture Basic Data 2005/2006-2009/2010


Planning and Statistics Section

The activities of the Section are:-

•  Coordinate formulation and preparation of ministry annual and medium term strategic plan

•  Advise technical departments on better use of resources and value for money

•  Coordinate the formulation and implementation of Sector strategies and programs

•  Review programme performance

•  Coordinate budgets and budget preparation process

•  Facilitate and create a conducive environment for private sector participation in the sector

•  Review/appraise plans, strategies and budgets of crop
boards and institutions falling under the Ministry

•  Coordinate harmonization of the MDGs, Vision 2025, MKUKUTA ASDS, ASDP, MTSP and MTEF and translate them into workable sector plans and interventions

•  Coordinate Crop Boards and other institutions falling under the ministry

•  Undertake expenditure tracking and prepare Annual Reports

•  Advise implementation on project management

•  Identify sector budgetary implications on government decisions and directives

•  Coordinate compilation of Progress Reports and Actions Plans

•  Provide technical expertise on Strategic Plan, Action Plan and Client Service Charter preparation

•  Participate in the process of activity analysis and feasibility study

•  Represent the Ministry in the Parliamentary Committee of Agriculture when discussing crop boards audit reports and implementation reports


National Sample Census of Agriculture 2007/08 Reports in pdf fomart

National Level Reports

National Sample Census of Agriculture 2002/03 Reports in pdf fomart

National Level Reports

Regional Level Reports

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