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Vision, Mission & Objectives
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Soma kipeperushi cha kuhusu mikopo ya pembejeo


United Republic of Tanzania, Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security & Corperatives, Agricultural Inputs Trust Fund. AGITF.  Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania, Wizara ya Kilimo, Chakula na Ushirika, Mfuko wa Pembejeo.

AGITF Vision, Mission and Objectives

The current operating Vision

Inputs are available to farmers at affordable price and acceptable quality


The current operating Mission Providing loans to inputs suppliers to ensure that input supply gap is reduced.



In reviewing the performance of the AGITF, the following are found to be the key aims:


Support procurement and distribution of agricultural inputs through provision of loans to input distributors



With reference to the AGITF Act No.9 of 1994, the purpose is to make available loans, on such terms and conditions as the board may determine finances for the importation and distribution of agricultural inputs.



As per "Taarifa ya Uendeshaji na Hatima ya Mfuko wa Pembejeo", the purpose is to ensure that farmers get crop and livestock inputs in sufficient quantities, fair price and on time through provision of loans.


The above mentioned purposes show some variance regarding to defining the main target group of the loan facility. The first and second bullets indicate that the input distributors and importers are the target group while the last bullet goes beyond importation and distribution defining the target groups being the crop and livestock farmers.


In consideration of the agricultural strategic reforms and in harmonizing the stated vision, mission and key aims, the overall objective of AGITF is to establish a commercial production mindset among the smallholder farmers in order to produce profitably and economically so that the farmers become credit worthy under the commercial lending systems. Specific objectives include:


To operate an effective loan             administration and recovery for agriculture and livestock production for small and medium scales of fanning.


To provide effective Management of AGITF, and


 To establish necessary conditions for prudent financial management of SACCOs.




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Last modified: 03/06/07