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About Naliendele Agricultural Institute (NARI)

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Naliendele Agricultural Research Institute (NARI) is one among seven Zonal Agricultural Research Centers under the Department of Research & Training within the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Cooperatives.  NARI is entrusted with a mandate to conduct agricultural research that addresses the needs and aspirations of the farmers particularly improved crop and livestock productivity, hence, better livelihood of the farming communities in the Southern Zone.

NARI is located some 16 km South of Mtwara Municipal along the main road to Newala.  It coordinates Cashewnut and Oil Seeds Crops at National level and collaborates with other institutions within and outside the country in verifying research outputs.

NARI boasts of seventeen professional staff including seven doctorates in various disciplines.  The Institute offers technical and consultancy services to interested parties locally and at international level.

NARI wings span across Mtwara and Lindi regions and Tunduru district in Ruvuma region.  This gives the Researchers a wider room for refining their work in different agro-ecological zones for more efficient output.

The institute maintains good links with other stakeholders locally and internationally enabling seepage/exchange of experience and technology.

General Information

NARI is the Headquarters of Southern Research Zone.  It was established in 1970 as a scientific institution of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security on a strong base of cashew research development shifted from Nachingwea, now a sub-station.  It also collaborates with other research stations in the country.  The institute consists of eight programs namely:

  1. Cashew Research
  2. Oilseeds
  3. Roots and Tubers
  4. Cereals and Legumes
  5. Socio-Economics
  6. Soils  and Land use
  7. Zonal Research-Extension-Farmer Linkage
  8. Zonal Communication

NARI has over 215 on station farm area and manages three sub-stations at Nachingwea (Lindi), and Mtopwa in Newala district.  In order to faster speedy dissemination of its salient outputs the Institute has established seven Cashewnut Development Centers (CDCs) at Nanyanga (Tandahimba), Mangaka (Masasi district), Nakayaya (Tunduru district), Nyangao (Lindi district), Mkuranga (Mkuranga district) and Mlingano CDC in Tanga region.  Efforts are underway to delegate responsibilities of CDCís to district councils.

The Instituteís major focus is to create a favorable environment which encourages a mutual learning situation with farmers.  The partner-ship with farmers is strengthened by over 500 on farm trials throughout the zone and other parts of Eastern, Southern Highland, Central and Northern Zones where cashew, groundnuts and sesame is grown.

NARI has embarked into an ambitious seed multiplication programme with farmers under the umbrella of Community Based Seed Multiplication Programme involving extension workers, individual farmers/farmer groups and participating stakeholders/institutions. 

These efforts, however, does not relief the Institute from shelving the lionís share of its outputs due to slow pace in dissemination Ė something which calls for immediate and long term strategic actions by the Ministry, District Councils and all stakeholders in general.

Organizational Structure

Zonal Director

Zonal Research Coordinator

Zonal Communication Office

Lead Scientist

        Oilseeds Research Programme

o       Agronomy

o       Breeding

o       Crop Protection

        Cashew Research Programme

o       Agronomy

o       Breeding

o       Pathology

o       Entomology

o       Vegetative Propagation

o       Cashewnut Development Centres

Roots and Tubers

Soils and Land Use

Socio Economics

Cereals and Legumes

Support Units



        Estate Management

        Farm Management




Socio - Economics

Cereals & Legumes
Roots & Tubers
Oil Seeds
Zonal Communications
Zonal Coordination
Zonal Extension
Cashew Research

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