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The department works in collaboration with other sections in the Institute.

This is due to the fact that economics applies to most of agricultural practices performed by different sections in the institute e.g. Pathology, Crop protection, Agronomy.


  •  Documenting dissemination and adoption of technologies
  •  Preparing farm budgets
  •  Conducting studies on the impact of research technologies
  •  On-farm evaluation of technologies (e.g. PVS).
  •  Conducting baseline surveys
  •  Project appraisals and evaluation
  •  Commodity value chain analysis
  •  Market research
  •  Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA’s)


Staff composition

The unit has skilled and well experienced staff in Economics, Agriculture research and wide range of technologies

Section Staff

      i.   Mr. Bakari Rashid Kidunda         

      iii.  Mullowellah Abdallah Mtendah

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