15th November,2007


                                                LIST OF PESTICIDES REGISTERED IN TANZANIA

              (Made under Section 18 of the Plant Protection Act, 1997 and Plant Protection Regulations GN 401 of 1999)







Trade Name          Reg. No.                 Common Name                     Registrant            Usage                    


Abiotic Abiothrin        IN/0309             Permethrin+                     Abiotic Systems                control of mosquitoes and houseflies



Actara    25WG     IN/0303                     Thiamexotham                 Syngenta Crop        against aphids and whiteflies in tobacco

                                                                                                             Protection AG

Actellic Super        IN/0002                 Pirimiphosmethyl                Syngenta Ltd        Stored products against insect

dust                                                        + Permethrin                          (UK)                       pests


Akrimactin              IN/0294                    Abamectin            Willowood Ltd             against spidermites on roses


Antokil 5EC            IN/0290                    Chloropyrifos        Equatorial Africa        against tomato fruitworm


Asafat 75 SP           IN/0312                                  Acephate                  Osho Chemical Ind.     Control of insect pests in French                                                                                                                                                             beans                                                                

Attakan                   IN/0252                 Imidacloprid              Arysta LifeScience        Control of aphids on roses

350 SC


Bamethrin 2.5 EC   IN/0323                    Deltamethrin                    Bajuta General Vetagro     control of aphids on cabbage


Baygon multi-        IN/0307                    Imiprothrin+                     Johnson Wax (EA)            for mosquito control

Purpose insect                                        Cyfluthrin



Bemistop               IN/0226                  Dioctyl Sodium            Arysta LifeScience        Control of white flies on tomatoes


Bistar 10WP          IN/0304                     Bifenthrin                         FMC                                    mosquito control indoors



Confidor                                       IN/0282                                         Imidacloprid                       Bayer(E.A)  Ltd                                          On ornamentals, vegetables, tobacco

WG 70                                                                                                                                               against chewing and sucking inset pests

Cruiser                  IN/0249                 Thiamethoxam                      Syngenta Crop        Seed dressing against seedling pests

350FS                                                                                                   Protection AG         in maize, wheat ,barley and cotton.


Cyclone 505EC     IN/035                    Cypermethrin10%+            Osho Chem. Ind.                Control of insect pests in roses

                                                                   Chlorpyrifos 35%



Dasba 40EC          IN/0321                      Chlorpyrifos                    Bajuta General Vetagro     control of tomato fruitworm





Trade Name          Reg. No.                 Common Name                     Registrant                       Usage                         




Deltapaz                  IN/0212                  Deltamethrin                     Balton (T)    Maize against stalkborers 

2.5EC                                                                                                      Ltd

Deltra 2.5EC         IN/0279                  Deltamethrin                        Invectra Agro             control of tomato fruitworm


Dimilin 25WP        IN/0310                     Diflubenzuron                 Crompton                            Control of mosquitoes and housefly larvae

                                                                                                             (Uni Chem)                        


Dudual 450EC       IN/0324                     Cypermethrin+                Hangzhou Agrochemical      control of cabbage webworm            

                                                                   Cloropyrifos                    Industries


Dynamec              IN/0250                 Abamectin                          Syngenta                 Spidermites on greenhouse roses

1.8 EC                                                                                            Crop Protection


Dume 40EC         IN/0319                        Dimethoate                      Linkfoward Co. Ltd           insect pests in tomatoes and roses


Fastac               IN/0306                          Alphacyper-                    BASF                                   control of  tomato fruitworm/bollworm

10 EC                                                         methrin                                                                          


Fenom                  IN/260                         Prophenophos +             Syngenta Crop         Control of insect pests on cotton,

Plus 315                                                    Lambdacyhalothrin        Protection AG           and vegetables


Fenpa                     IN/0130                  Esfenvalerate                        Sumitomo              Cotton against chewing and sucking               2.5 EC                                                                                                                                           pests

Fighter                 IN/0276                       cypermethrin                   Bytrade(T) Ltd        against mosquitoes  & cocroaches

Aerosol                                                    +d-tetramethrin

Fury 0.6%           IN/0262                     Zetacypermethrin                 Juanco Sps Ltd     on cotton against cotton pests


Golan                     IN/0298                      Acetamiprid                     Fluence Middle(EA)         control of aphids on roses                                                                                                                                                                                          

Helarat                   IN/0246                  Lambdacyhalothrin              Helm AG                Control of Helicoverpa armigera

5 EC                                                                                                                                        and Aphis gossypii on cotton

Icon 10CS             IN/0275                Lambdacyhalothrin                 Syngenta              mosquito control



Insectido 5EC        IN/0300                    lambda cyhalothrin         Handelsgesellshaft           control of insect pests in cotton

                                                                                                              Detlef von Appen mbH

Keshet Super          IN/0289                   Deltamethrin+                  Makhteshim                       control of insect pests in cotton and cabbage

312EC                                                        Chloropyrifos                  Chemical Works


Kiboko Mosq.     IN/0267                      d-allethrin                         H.B. Worldwide        mosquito control



Kombora aerosol          IN/0325             tetramethrin+                   21st Century Holdings        against mosquitoes

                                                                   Cypermethrin                   Ltd; DSM


Kombora  mosquito     IN/0326             d-allethrin                         21st Century Holding         against mosquitoes

Coil                                                                                                      Ltd; DSM



Kotkil 200EC       IN/0291                       Fenvalerate                      Equatorial Africa               against tomato fruitworm



Trade Name          Reg. No.                 Common Name                     Registrant                       Usage                         


K-OTab123         IN/0284                        Deltamethrin                    Bayer Env.Science            bednet impregnation for control of

                                                                                                             RSA                                     mosquitoes

KungFu 5EC      IN/0320                        Lambda cyhalothrin       Linkfoward Co. Ltd           insect pests in roses and tomatoes



Lambdacal            IN/0261                      Lambda-                  Arysta LifeScience          Control of ABW on tomatoes

50EC                                                          cyhalothrin


Lambdex 5EC         IN/0295                    lambda cyhalothrin         Makhteshim Chemical      control of insect pests  in cotton,and

                                                                                                             Works                                 aphids on roses.

Lambdex Super        IN/0296                  lambda cyhalothrin+      Makhteshim                       control of insect pests in cotton and  tomatoes

315EC                                                        chlorpyrifos                     Chemical Works


Mortein Doom       IN/0266                  Imiprothrin+                  Rekitt &                       control of crawing and flying

Fastkill all insect                                    phenothrin                    Benkiser E.A. Ltd               insects



Mortein doom        IN/0281                    Imiprothrin+                     Reckitt Benkisser               control of mosquitoes

Odourless all                                           d-phenothrin                                                                

Insect killer


Mortein Doom         IN/0265                cypermetrhin+                Rekitt &                              control of mosquitoes

Fast knockdown                                     imiprothrin +                  Benkiser E.A. Ltd              

Cockroach&ant killer                             d-allethrin


Mosquiron 100EC      IN/0293               Novaluron                        Makhteshim                       mosquito larvae  control                         



Mukpar-Dimethoate    IN/0288             Dimethoate                      Equatoria Africa Ltd         control of whiteflies on tomatoes

40 EC

Neemraj Super              IN/0283             Azadirachtin                    Neem-India                         bollworm on cotton


Nimbecidine 0.03%      IN/0311             Azadirachtin                    OSHO Chem. Industies    control insect pests of French beans,

                                                                                                                                                           Tomatoes and roses


Oberon 240SC                IN/0301             spiromesfen                    Bayer(E.A)  Ltd                  control of spidermites on roses



Olyset  Net                IN/0264                 permethrin                        A-Z Textile                      bednet impregination


Pegasus 500SC           IN/0243                 Diafenthiuron                Syngenta Crop               Control of spidermites and aphids on

                                                                                                             Protection AG                greenhouse roses

Permanet                     IN/0278                Deltamethrin                    Vestergaad Frandsen        treatment  of mosquito nets                                                                                                       


Profit 720EC                IN/0299               Profenofos                       Handelsgesellschaft         control of tomato fruitworm                                                                                                        Detlef von Appen                                                                                                                                                                                     Hamburg,Germany

Pyagro™ 4EC          IN/0286                      Pyrethrins                       Pyrethrum Board             diamond backmoth in cabbage

                                                                                                                 of Kenya


Pyrinex Quick           IN/0297                  Deltamethrin+                  Makhteshim                       control of cabbage webworm                 

256ZC                                                       Chloropyrifos                  Chemical Works


Trade Name          Reg. No.                 Common Name                     Registrant                       Usage                         



Raid Multipurpose       IN/0308             Imiprothrin+                     Johnson Wax (EA)            for mosquitoes control                            

Insect killer                                              Prallethrin

Risasi mosquito   IN/0285                       Pyrethrin                         Meghjis Sundries              mosquito control

Coil (Pyrethrin)


Ridsect Chalk       IN/0268                      Deltamethrin                    SaraLee Household &      Control  cockroaches, ants and bedbugs

                                                                                                             Body Care (K) Ltd

Rufast 075EW       IN/0302                     Acrinathrin                      Cheminova A/S                 spidermites on roses


Skana Super                  IN/0318             malathion+                       Osho Chemical Ind.           Control of grain storage insect pests

dust                                                           Permethrin

Sevin                       IN/0305                    Carbaryl                       Bayer Environmental             against ectoparasites on dogs and poultry Dududust  7.5%                                                          Science                            


Spintor                  IN/0273                      Spinosad                          Dow Agro                           Control of grain borer, weevils and

Dust                                                                                                                                                 other insects in stored grain and pulses


Stocal                    IN/0235                 Permethrin +                         Arysta LifeScience    Control of LGB and maize weevils

Super Dust                                           Pirimiphos methyl                                                

Subachlo 48EC   IN/0280               Chlorpyrifos                             Suba Agrotrading            against tomato fruitworm


Sumicidin               IN/0126                  Fenvalerate                            Sumitomo                    Cotton against American bollworms

20 EC                                                                                                                                               spinybollworms


Shumba Super      In/0322                      Fenitrothion                     Ecomark Ltd                       treatment of structrures ued for gein storage



Sumicidin               IN/0125                  Fenvalerate                          Sumitomo                       Cotton against American bollworms

3 ULV                                                                                                                                              spiny bollworms.

Vertigo                  IN/0253               Abamectin                       Almandine                           spidermites on roses



Tafogor  40EC      IN/0317                   Dimethoate                OSHO Chem. Industies             control of insect pests in roses


Tata Alpha 10EC   IN/0313                 Alphamethrin        OSHO Chem. Industies               control of insect pests in French beans


Tatamida                  IN/0314                   Imidacloprid                     OSHO Chem. Industies    control of insect pests in tomatoes

200g/L SL


Tata Reeva 5EC        IN/0316                 lambda cyhalothrin         OSHO Chem. Industies    control of insect pests in roses



Mosq                      IN/0270                  d-allethrin                           Total(T) Ltd              mosquito control


Total insecticide  IN/0271                  Pallethrin                          Total (T) Ltd                mosquito control


X-Pel                        IN/0131                  Pyrethrins                        Mansoor Daya              Household against mosquitoes.


Trigard 75WG             IN/0258             cyromazine                     Syngenta Crop Pr.           Control of tomato leaf minor


Zetabestox               IN/287                  Zeta-cypermetrhrin              Juanco Sps                   on Cotton



Trade Name          Reg. No.                 Common Name                     Registrant                       Usage                         






April                               FU/0123            Tebuconazole                  Hamashbir Agri-                control of powderly mildew on roses

                                                                                                             Culture Ltd.Israel              



Anchor  200FS              FU/0127            carboxin and                    Crompton                            seed treatment on wheat

                                                                   Thiram                              (Uniroyal Chem)               


Apron Star                    FU/0095            Thiamethoxam +              Syngenta Crop                   Control of soil borne pests and

42 WS                                                    Difenoconazole +            Protection AG                       diseases  in maize,beans ,sesame

                                                                     Metalaxyl                          and sorghum                                                                              


Ardent                   FU/0088                    Kresoxim methyl             Makhteshim            Control of powdery mildew on roses.              


Banko                      FU/0120                   Chlorothalonil                 Arysta LifeScience            control of late blight in tomatoes

720 SC

Champion              FU/0038                   Cupric Hydroxide           Nufarm GmbH          Coffee against leafrust and CBD,

50 WP                                                                                                                                    tomatoes against bacteria

                                                                                                                                                leafspot and late blight and 

                                                                                                                                                cucumber against alternaria and

                                                                                                                                                downy mildew.

Cobox                     FU/0044                 Copper                                BASF AG Coffee, Vegetables against CBD,

50                                                            Oxychloride                                                           leafrust, downy mildew.

Cuprozin               FU/0100              Copper Oxychloride              Spiess Urania          Coffee against leaf rust and CBD

35WP                                                                                                   Chemicals


Defender 240EC     FU/0119                   Triadimenol                      Handelsgesellschaft         powderly mildiew on roses

                                                                                                             Detlef von Appen mbH   



Dividend                FU/0087                    Difenoconazole               Syngenta Crop         Seed treatment fungicide in wheat and

030FS                                                                                                   Protection AG          barley


Fungozeb 80WP                          FU/0118                                        Mancozeb           Handelsgesellchaft      control of late blight on tomatoes


Helcozeb                FU/0086                 Mancozeb                             Helm AG                Control of late blight on tomatoes

80 WP


Impulse 500EC     FU/0104                     spiroxamine                      Bayer(E.A)  Ltd                 powdery mildew in fluoriculture


Indofil M-45           FU/0110                   Mancozeb                        Equatorial Africa Ltd        control of late blight in tomatoes


Ivory                     FU/0090                     Mancozeb                Arysta LifeScience         Control of late blight on tomatoes                   

80 WP   


Ivory M72           FU/0097                 Mancozeb+                Arysta LifeScience              early blight in potatoes


Kocide 101            FU/0045                Copper Hydroxide                Du Pont de            Coffee, tomatoes, beans and peanuts

                                                                                                                Nemours                                against CBD and various fungal



Trade Name          Reg. No.                 Common Name                     Registrant                       Usage                         



Kwadris                 FU/0098              Azoxytrobin                       Syngenta                      CBD ,Coffee leaf rust,vegetables and grapes



Linkmil72WP         FU/0124                    Mancozeb+                      Linkfoward Co. Ltd           late blight in tomatoes


Maxim XL 035FS  FU/0128                    Fludioxonil+                     Syngenta                            maize seed treatment against soil  borne

                                                                   Metalaxyl-M                                                                 diseases


Nimrod                   FU/0092                    Bupirimate                        Makhteshim             Control of powdery mildew of roses

25EC                                                                                                    Chem                        under greenhouse conditions.


Odeon 82.5 WDG  FU/0113                   Chlorothalonil                 Makhteshim                       control of late blight on tomatoes


Orius                      FU/0089              Tebuconazole                           Irvita                      Control of powdery mildew on roses.

25 EC                                                                     


Pilarich 500SC        FU/0108                   Chlorothalonil              Pilarquim (Shanghai)     control of late blight diseases                       

                                                                                                                                                           In tomatoes

Pilarzeb  80WP       FU/0109                  Mancozeb                        Pilarquim (Shanghai)         control of late blight diseases in



Rova 720SC            FU/0122                   Chlorothalonil                 Almandine corporation    control of late blight diseases of tomatoes


Royalcop              FU/0099             copper oxychloride               Mukpar(T)                   tomato late blight



Subatil 250EC       FU/0125                     Propiconazole                  Suba Agro                          control of foliar diseases on barley


Sunstar 72WP        FU/0129                   Metalaxyl                         Riyue Chemicals                control of tomato blight

                                                                   + Mancozeb                     Ltd; DSM                           


Suprano C             FU/0112                    Epoxyconazole+              Makteshim Agan               control of foliar diseases of wheat

                                                                   Carbendazim                                                                 and barley


Swing                       FU/0117                  Carbendazim+                        BASF                             fungal diseases in wheat and barley



Tecto 500SC         FU/0108               Thiobendazole                      Syngenta Crop                   powderly mildew in roses

                                                                                                             Protection AG                   


Thiovit Jet                     FU/0033            Sulphur                             Syngenta Crop                   grapes,vegetables and ornamentals

                                                                                                             Protection AG                    against brown rot scab and mildew;

                                                                                                                                                          Cashew against powderly mildew

Ugonall 580WP       FU/0126               Mancozeb+           Hangzhou Agrochem.         Control of late blight in tomatoes     

                                                                   Metalaxyl                         industries


Victory   72WP      FU/0111                   Mancozeb+                      Fluence Mid.East              late blight in tomatoes




Zolfo Ventilato   FU/0106                      Sulfur                                Zolfindustria S.R.L           powderly mildiew in cashew                                                                                                       


Trade Name          Reg. No.                 Common Name                     Registrant                       Usage                         




Atranex 50 SC       HE/0124                 Atrazine                            Agan Chem                         weeds in sugarcane


Attribute 70 WG     HE/0151               propoxycarbazone               Bayer(E.A) Ltd                     perrenial and annual grass weeds                                   -sodium                                                                                  in wheat


Cottoran                                HE/0020                  Fluometuron                      Makhteshim                          On cotton against

500 FLW                                                                                                Chem Works                         broad leaved weeds.


FarmBase               HE/0119                    2,4 D                                  FarmBase                                 Broad leaf weed control in wheat  

2 4 D Amine                                                                                                                                                                                                         


Fusilade Forte         HE/0140                  Fluazifopbutyl                 Syngenta                              control of grass weeds in beans and

                                                                                                                                                            tobacco,and as a ripener in sugarcane

Galigan 240EC      HE/0125                Oxyfluorfen                       Agan Chem                 Weeds in sugarcane



Gramoxone            HE/0072                Paraquat                  Syngenta Ltd                        In maize,coffee, tea,

                                                                                                                (UK)                                       sisal, cotton,, bananas,

                                                                                                                                sugarcane against common

                                                                                                                                leaves and annual weeds

 Hussar                  HE/0118 Iodosulfuron-                  Bayer(E.A)  Ltd             Broad leaf weed control in wheat



Krismat                  HE/0132                    Trifloxysulfuron              Syngenta Crop                   Control of cyperus, dicot and some      

75 WG                                                       Sodium + Ametryn         Protection AG                    grasses in sugarcane

Lumax                      HE/0141                   S-Metolachlor +              Syngenta Crop                   weeds control in sugarcane and maize

                                                                   Mesotrione +                   Protection AG                   


MSMA 720SL       HE/0146                    MSMA                             Dow AgroSciences           On sugarcane against annual grasses

                                                                                                                                                           and certain broad- leaved weeds


Pencal 500EC         HE/0133                   Pendimethalin                  Arysta LifeScience            weeds in sugarcane


Quattro                     HE/0152                 Bromoxynil octanoate +     Nufarm BMBH Co.         selective post emergency herbicide     

                                                                   MCPA ester                                                                      in wheat


Puma Komplete       HE/0143                 Fenoxapropyl-p-ethyl    Bayer E.Africa Ltd             post emergency control of grasses

                                                                   +iodosulfuron methyl                                                  and broad leaved weeds and sedges in


Servian                   HE/0117                    Halosulfuron-                    Syngenta Crop                      Control nutsedge in maize and

75WG                                                        Methyl                                Protection AG                         sugarcane


Sancopax A           HE/0126                 ametryne+                            Dow Agroscience                weeds in sugarcane

                                                                 Atrazine                                                                                plantations


Sencal                    HE/0134                    Metribuzin                       Arysta LifeScience            weeds in sugarcane plantations

480 SC                                                                                                


Sekator OD 375     HE/0155                    Iodosulfuron-methyl      Bayer (E.A)Ltd                  broad leaved weeds in wheat and barley

                                                                   + amidosulfuron



Trade Name          Reg. No.                 Common Name                     Registrant                       Usage                         


Solito 320 EC         HE/157                      Pretilachlor+                    Syngenta  Crop Protection        weed control in rice



Twiga amine           HE/0144               2,4-D Amine                        Twiga Chemicals               control of broad leaved weeds in wheat               

720 g/L


Volacet                  HE/0135                     Acetochlor                       Volcano Agro                    Control weeds in sugarcane



Tiara WG 60          HE/0142                   Flufenacet                        Bayer  E.Africa             pre-emergeny weeds in wheat

                                                                                                                                                         and barley                                               


Touchdown          HE/0139               Glyphosate                            Syngenta Crop                   Pre-plant application for control of

Forte                                                                                                    Protection AG                    weeds in coffee,tea,cashew and cereals


Triatril MC            HE/0149                     Bromoxynil+                    Trade base Ltd(UK)          some weed species in wheat


Volazinone             HE/0123                   hexazinone                       Volcano Agroscience        weeds in sugarcane


Volbuzine                      HE/0122            Metribuzine                     Volcano Agroscience       weeds in sugarcane

Volmetra  500SC           HE/0121            Ametryne+                       Volcano Agroscience       weeds in sugarcane



Voliuron 800SC       HE/0127               Diuron                               Volcano Agroscience               weeds in sugarcane


Volchlormuron       HE/0137                   Chlorimuron-                   Volcano Agro                         weeds in sugarcane plantations



Volmet                   HE/0129                Metolachlor                    Volcano Agroscience              weeds in sugarcane


Volmethalin             HE/0128                Pendimethalin                    Volcano Agroscience            weeds in sugarcane



Volmsma                 HE/0145                   MSMA                             Volcano Agro                    Against weeds in sugarcane

720 SL                                                                                                                                              


Volmuron               HE/00130                  Paraquat +                         Volcano Agrosciences          for  weed control in sugarcane   


Volsate   360        HE/0136  Glyphosate                      Volcano Agrosciences         weeds in sugarcane


Weedall 480SL              HE/0156            Glyphosate                      Hangzhou Agrochemicals                                                                        control of weeds in bananas


Wildbees                 HE/0147                  2,4 D Amine                     Volcano Agro                    Control of weeds in

720 SL                                                                                                                                               sugarcane plantations





Pix 50              GR/0001                         Mepiquat                                 BASF AG                            Growth regulator on

                                                                 Chloride                                                                                cotton.

Prime+125                      GR/0002            Flumetralin                       Syngenta(UK)                    control of tobacco suckers



Trade Name          Reg. No.                 Common Name                     Registrant                       Usage                         



Brodek                   RO/0006               Brodifacoum                      March Chem.                        Rodent control

Raticide                  RO/0005                 Bromadiolone                       FarmBase                               Control of field and

                                                                                                                                                                household rodents





Alphatix 12.5 EC           AC/0028           Amitraz                             Ultravetis E.A Ltd             control of cattle ticks


Amitan   12.5EC            AC/0034           Amitraz                             Biotec Laboratories           control of cattle  ticks


Bamitraz 12.5 EC           AC/0030           Amitraz                             Bajuta General Vetagro     control of cattle ticks


Cybadip 15EC               AC/027             Cypermethrin                   Bajuta General Vetagro     control of ticks and tsetseflieds


Ecotix 100EC             AC/0025                cypermethrin high cis      Farmbase                          against ticks and tsetse


Kupatix 12.5EC           AC/0033              Amitraz                             Cooper K-Brands Ltd       control of cattle ticks


Notix                               AC/0032           Deltamethrin                    Rotam Agrochemical        against cattle ticks



Paratryn 15%              AC/0024           Cypermethrin                       Merial R.S.A                   ticks control


Paratraz  12.5EC          AC/0027             Amitraz                                 Merial R.S.A                   Control of ticks                                                                                                                                         (Uniroyal Chem)

Tixfix                               C/0019               Amitraz                             Twiga Chem                       Control of ticks on cattle.

Tick buster 12.5EC       AC/0031           Amitraz                             Chemplex Animal               against cattle ticks

                                                                                                              & Public Health


Tiktik 12.5EC              AC/0026              Amitraz                               Farmbase                          against ticks and mange


Vectocide EC             AC/0023               Deltamethrin                     Ceva Sante                       ticks and tsetse          

























Trade Name          Reg. No.             Common Name                       Registrant                                Usage                



ABC Mosquito     IN/0171                  d-Allethrin                             Alfa General                          Control of mosquitoes       

Coil                                                                                                         Supplies


Actellic                  IN/0224                  Pirimiphosmethyl                 Syngenta Ltd                        disinfestations of storage

50 EC                                                                                                      (UK)                                       structures.


Adonis                   IN/0179                  Fipronil                                  BASF Agro BV                     Against desert locusts

12.5 ULV


Akheri Powder      IN/0165                  Carbaryl +                              FARMBASE                         Dogs and cats against, 

                                                                Cyhalothrin                                                                           other household insects   


Alphaguard             IN/0200                Alphacyper-                         Fertilizer                                 Various crops against

0.8ULV                                                    methrin                                  & Chem.                                 insects pests.


Amdro                      IN/0163                Hydramethyl                       BASF                                     Against ants in Coconuts


Attakan C                IN/0277                   Cypermethrin +               Arysta LifeScience      Control of bollworms and sucking pests

344 SE                                                       Imidacloprid                                                                  on cotton


Balton                    IN/0203                  Abamectin                             Balton (T)                              Control of maize stalk

Abamectin 1.8EC                                                                                                                                  borers.



Baygon                   IN/0015                 Propoxur                                Johnson Wax (EA)             Household against

Aerosol                                                                                                                                                  cockroaches and flies.


Baygon                  IN/0016                  Propoxur                               Johnson Wax (EA)             Household against

1% DP                                                                                                                                                    Cockroaches and flies.


BigTox                   IN/0195                  Fenitrothion +                       Star Import                            Mosquito control.

Aerosol                                                  Permethrin                             & Export


BigTox                   IN/0190                  Pyrethrins                              Star Import                            Mosquito Control.

Mosquito                                                                                              & Export



Black Jack                IN/0197                Tetramethrin                         Safeguard Chem.                  Mosquito Control.


Bolt Insect               IN/0194                Pyrethrins +                          Ariman                                   Mosquito control.

Killer                                                       Permethrin                             Technologies





Trade Name          Reg. No.             Common Name                       Registrant                                Usage                




Bulldog                     IN/0214               Betacyfluthrin                   Bayer(E.A)  Ltd                     On cotton against

2.5EC                                                                                                                                                      Helicoverpa amigera and

                                                                                                                Aphis gossypi in Eastern



Bulldog                  IN/0138                  Betacyfluthrin                       Bayer(E.A)  Ltd                 Cotton against bollworms,

005 ULV                                                                                                                                jassids, calidea and lygus  


Bulldock Star        IN/0228                  Betacyfluthrin                       Bayer(E.A)  Ltd                    Control of sucking insects

262.5                                                                                                                                                       on cotton.


Callidim                 IN/0236                      Dimethoate                      Arysta LifeScience                  Control of whiteflies in

400                                                                                                                                                            tomatoes


Callisulfan              IN/0177                 Endosulfan                            Arysta LifeScience              On cotton against American

250ULV                                                                                                                                                  bollworms and aphid                                                                                                                          

Commando            IN/0181                  Pyrethrins +                          H.B Worldwide                     Mosquito control.

Aerosol                                                  DDVP                                   Ltd


Commando             IN/0184                  Pyrethrins                             H.B Worldwide Ltd              Mosquito.control.                                                                                            

Mosquito coil


Confidor                                IN/0207                   Imidacloprid                      Bayer(E.A)  Ltd                   Control of aphids in

200SL                                                                                                                                                     greenhouse roses


Confidor                                       IN/0242                                         Imidacloprid                       Bayer Environmental                                Control of migratory locusts

010 ULV                                                    Sciences                           and grasshoppers.


Crowned Crane     IN/0185                   Pyrethrins                           Mark Rays                           Mosquito control.

Mosquito Coil                                                                                    E.A Ltd.


Cypercal                                IN/0175                 Cypermethrin +                     Arysta LifeScience      Cotton against aphids,whitefly

D15/120ULV                                          Dimethoate                                                                       whitefly, caterpillars

                                                                                                                                                           and hemiptera.


Cypercal                                  IN/0178                 Cypermethrin                       Arysta LifeScience          Cotton against American

1.8ULV                                                                                                                                               bollworms and aphids



Cyperguard           IN/0201                 Cypermethrin                        Fertilizer &                       Various crops against 

1.8 ULV                                                                                                  Chem.                               insect pests.


DC Tron                 IN/0232                  Paraffinic Oils                       Caltex (T) Ltd                  Control of major insect pests

Plus                                                                                                                                                  of tomatoes, roses and citrus



Decis 25 EC           IN/0032                  Deltamethrin                         Bayer(E.A)  Ltd                    Coffee, vegetables against

                                                                                                                                                             chewing insect pests




Trade Name          Reg. No.             Common Name                       Registrant                                Usage                



Decis 0.5                IN/0030                  Deltamethrin                         Bayer(E.A)  Ltd                    Cotton against chewing

ULV                                                                                                                                                    insects pests locust and



Decitab                  IN/0167                  Deltamethrin                           Bayer(E.A)  Ltd                  Cotton against Heliothis

                                                                                                                                                               armigera larvae


Deltis                    IN/0248                       Deltamethrin                    Almandine                          Control of Diamondback moth on         

2.5% EC                                                                                               Corp.                                    cabbage


Diazol                     IN/0239                     Diazinon                           Makhteshim                       Control of diamondback moth on

50 EW                                                                                                  Chem                                  cabbage.



Dimepaz                 IN/0204                  Dimethoate                            Balton (T)                         Maize against stalk borers

40EC                                                                                                       Ltd


Dursban                  IN/0042                 Chloropyrifos                       Dow Agro                      Coffee and beans against

4E                                                                                                                                             chewing and sucking insect.            

                                                                                                                                                 Mosquito and Subterranean           

                                                                                                                                                 termites control.  

Dursban                 IN/0041                  Chlorpyrifos                          Dow Agro                       Coffee and beans against

24ULV                                                                                                                                              chewing and sucking                                                                                                                                                                                        insect pests.  Public  

                                                                                                                                                 health for mosquito control.


Fendona                               IN/0143                   Alpha-                                   BASF                     Tsetsefly, bed net impregnation for

6 SC                                                        Cypermethrin                                                        mosquitoes control, cockroach,

                                                                                                                                                bedbugs, other biting and nuisance

Fendona                                IN/0169                  Alpha-                                    BASF                     Against mosquitoes, Cockroaches

10SC                                                        Cypermethrin                                                       and bedbugs pests


 Fenkil                  IN/0263                       Fenvalerate                      United                      Cotton against chewing & sucking

20 EC                                                                                                   Phosphorus Ltd.       insect pests.


Fenom C                 IN/0145                 Profenofos +                          Syngenta Crop        Cotton against jassids calidea and

170 ULV                                 Cypermethrin                        Protection AG         judgus. 



Flak                         IN/0053                  Pyrethrins                              Sapa Chem            Household against domestic

Aerosol                                                                                                                                  insect pests.


Flyex                       IN/0055                  Pyrethrins                              Rose Lab.              Household against domestic insect

Aerosol                                                                                                                                  Pests


Flyex                       IN/0054                  Pyrethrins +                          Rose Lab               Household against domestic insect

Solution                                                 Malathion                                                              pests


Fyfanon                  IN/0057                  Malathion                            Cheminova            Cotton, tobacco and  pasture against

500g/l                                                                                                     A/S                         chewing and sucking pests.




Trade Name          Reg. No.             Common Name                       Registrant                                Usage                


Gaucho                  IN/0227                   Imidacloprid                  Bayer(E.A)  Ltd                           Control of sesame flea beetle



Gladiator                IN/0229                  Chlorpyrifos                          Dow                        Control of subterranean termites

4TC                                                                                                         AgroSciences


Goodnight             IN/0221                  d-Allethrin                             Godrej Hi Care      Household against mosquitoes




Goodnight             IN/0173                  d-Allethrin                            Godrej Hi               Household against mosquitoes.

Mosquito                                                                                               Care Ltd.              



Hatari                     IN/0172                  d-Allethrin                             Star Import           Household against mosquitoes

Brand                                                                                                     and Export                           



Hatari                     IN/0166                  Fenitrothion +                       Star Import            Against flying and crawling insects

Aerosol                                                  Tetramethrin                         and Export              

Icon                       IN/0147                  Lambda                                  Syngenta Ltd          Mosquito control              

10 WP                                                     Cyhalothrin                          (UK)


Iconet                     IN/0213                  Lambda                                  Syngenta Ltd        Bednet and curtains                                                                                                               

                                                                Cyhalothrin                           (UK)                       impregnation for mosquito control


Karate                   IN/0245                      Lambda-                           Syngenta Ltd           against bollworms and aphids in                     

5 CS                                                           Cyhalothrin                      (UK)                         cotton and vegetables


Karate                   IN/0148                  Lambda                                 Syngenta Ltd        against  bollworms and aphids

5 EC                                                        Cyhalothrin                           (UK)                       in cotton and vegetables  


Karate                                    IN/0127                  Lambda                                  Syngenta Ltd        Cotton against a wide range

2 ED                                                       Cyhalothrin                           (UK)                       of insects.



Kasheshe              IN/0220                  d-Allethrin                             M & S                    Household against mosquitoes

Mosq. Coil                                                                                            Intertrade


Keshet                   IN/0211                     Deltamethrin                     Makhteshim            Maize against stalk borers

2.5EC                                                                                                   Chem Works


Kiboko                   IN/0159                     Fenitrothion                     H.B. Worldwide      Mosquitoes, cockroaches                                                 

Aerosol                                                                                                 Ltd                         and other household insect pests.


Kilit                         IN/0202                     Neo-pynamin                    MIMCO                 Mosquito control

                                                                                                              Inter (T) Ltd                                                           


Kohinor                IN/0292                      Imidacloprid                     Makhteshim              control of aphids in greenhouse


K-Othrine              IN/0216                     Deltamethrin        Bayer Environm. Scienc.  Bednet impregnation for mosquito

WP                                                                                                                                        control



Trade Name          Reg. No.             Common Name                       Registrant                                Usage                


K-Othrine              IN/0217                     Deltamethrin          Bayer Envir. Science        Bednet impregnation for mosquito

Mostiquarine                                                                                                                        conrtol

1% SC

Lala Salama        IN/0240                        Allethrin                           SAJJAD                 Control of wild human-biting

                                                                                                             ALI LTD                Anophelines and Culicines.


Lebaycid                IN/0063                     Fenthion                     Bayer(E.A)  Ltd             Various crops against chewing and

50% EC                                                                                                                                  sucking insects, termites and


Marshal                       IN/0209                Carbosulfan                     FMC                          Roses against aphids and mites


Marshall                  IN/0158                  Carbosulfan                       Incitec Int.                For control of white

SuScon                                                                                                                                  grubs, cockroach,

                                                                                                                                                larvae and termites.

Melcypermethrin         IN/0150             Cypermethrin                   Melspring                Cotton, coffee, tobacco, vine,

1.8ULV                                                                                                Intern. BV                 vegetables against berry

                                                                                                                                                borers, leaf miners and


Mobil                        IN/0192                Tetramethrin +                   Mobil Oil                  Mosquito control.

Insecticide                                             D-Phenothrin +                  Tz. Ltd.

Aerosol                                                  D-Allethrin

Mosfly                    IN/0251               d-allethrin                      African Mosfly            mosquito control


Moskill                   IN/0199                 Pyrethrins                           Coil Product             Mosquito control.

Mosquito                                                                                            (K) Ltd.



Motox                    IN/0160                 Tetramethrin                        HVM INT.               Against household insect

Aerosol                                                  + Permethrin                                                          pests

                                                                 + Fenitrothion                                                               

Mzinga                   IN/0255                 Permethrin+                    Sole Aero Ltd           Mosquito control


Nafaka Super         IN/0237                    Fenitrothion +                 Ecomark Ltd           Control of LGB and maize weevils

Dust                                                          Permethrin


Neocidol                IN/0231                  Diazinon                                Zagro                       Control of bedbugs and body lice

600 EW                                                                                                                                                        

Ngao (K-Otab)      IN/0215              Deltamethrin               Bayer Envir. Science    Bednet impregnation for

                                                                                                                                               mosquito control

NK Diazinon       IN/0034            Diazinon                           Nippon Kayaku             livestock and pastureland ectopara-           

60EC                                                                                                                               sites,chewing and sucking insects


Novathion             IN/0072                 Fenitrothion                       Cheminova A/S          Coffee against leaf miner,

500 EC                                                                                                                                    chewing and sucking pests.


Nuvan                    IN/0074                     Dichlorvos                       AMVAC                             Crop storage and public

50 EC                                                                                                   Corporation                        health against storage pests

                                                                                                                                                           and household insects

Orthene                  IN/0157                     Acephate                         Arvesta Corp.                    Tobbaco, cotton, vegetables

75% SP                                                                                                                                           against andsucking  insect pests.





Trade Name          Reg. No.             Common Name                       Registrant                                Usage                


Peropal                   IN/0206                     Azocyclotin                     Bayer                                   Greenhouse roses for control

25WP                                                                                                                                                of spidermites


Profecron             IN/0233                       Profenofos                       Agriscope (Africa)            Control of diamondback moth in

720 EC                                                                                                 Ltd                                       cabbages

Pyretox                 IN/0254                   Pyrethrum                       Kibo Chemicals                 Post harvest pests on maize


Raid IT                   IN/0234                     Tetramethrin +                 Johnson Wax                      Mosquito control

                                                                   Cypermethrin +


Raid Mwananchi  IN/0183                     Pyrethrins                       Johns Wax                          Mosquito control.

Mosquito Coil                                                                                    (E. A) Ltd.


Redcans                 IN/0198                     Pyrethrins                        Oasis Ltd.                           Mosquito control.



Ridsect                   IN/0193                     Prallethrin +                     Kiwi Brand                          Mosquito control.

                                                                   D-Phenothrin                   Ltd.


Rimon                    IN/0247                      Novaluron                        Makhteshim                       Control of Diamondback moth

10 EC                                                                                                   Chem.                                  on cabbage.


Risasi                     IN/0225                     Tetramethrin +                 Meghji’s                             Household against mosquitoes

Aerosol                                                    Cypermethrin                   Sundries


Rungu                   IN/0162                     Fenitrothion                     H.B Worldwide                  Mosquitoes, cockroaches,

Aerosol                                                    + Permethrin                   Ltd                                         houseflies and other  

                                                                   + Tetramethrin                                                              household insect pests.

Rungu                     IN/0186                    Pyrethrins                        H.B. Worldwide.                Mosquito control.

Mosquito                                                                                        Ltd


Sapa BHC                      IN/0103             Lindane                            Sapa Chem                          Garden, hides & skins against

1% D                                                                                                                                                 chewing pests.


Sapa Carbaryl               IN/0090             Carbaryl                            Sapa Chem                          Crops, livestock, household

5% D                                                                                                                                                 against cutworms and beetles,

                                                                                                                                                           animal ec­toparasites,

                                                                                                                                                           mosquito­es and cockroaches.


Sapa Carbaryl               IN/0091             Carbaryl                            Sapa Chem                          Cotton, against chewing and

85WP                                                                                                                                                sucking pests.

Sapa                               IN/0092             Cypermethrin                   Sapa Chem                          Coffee, tobacco, rice,

Cypermethrin                                                                                                                                   sugarcane against chewing

2.5%ULV                                                                                                                                          and sucking pests.


Sapa                               IN/0093             Diazinon                           Sapa Chem                          Coffee, tobacco, rice and

Diazinon                                                                                                                                                           sugarcane against chewing                                                                                         

60 EC                                                                                                                                                 and sucking pests.


Sapa                               IN/0096             Dimethoate                      Sapa Chem                          Various crops against aphids

Dimethoate 40 EC                                                                                                                           and mites.





Trade Name          Reg. No.             Common Name                       Registrant                                Usage                



Sapa                               IN/0097             Endosulfan                      Sapa Chem                          Maize, tobacco against stalk

Endosulfan 4D                                                                                                                                borers and chewing pests.


Sapa                               IN/0099             Endosulfan                      Sapa Chem                          Cotton against chewing

Endosulfan                                                                                                                                      and sucking pests.

25 ULV                                                                                                                                             

35 EC                                                                                                                                                  

Sapa                               IN/0101             Fenitrothion                     Sapa Chem                          Coffee, cashew, tobacco

Fenitrothion                                                                                                                                     storage against chewing

50 EC                                                                                                                                                 and sucking pests and pests

                                                                                                                                                           of stored products.

Selecron                         IN/0112             Profenofos                       Syngenta Crop                   Coffee, vegetables against

720 EC                                                                                                 Protection AG                    chewing and sucking

                                                                                                                                                           insects and cashew against

                                                                                                                                                           mealy bugs.

Sevin 85 WP                 IN/0113             Carbaryl                            Bayer Env. Science           Crops, livestock, household

                                                                                                                                                           against cutworms, beetles,

                                                                                                                                                            ec­toparasite and domestic

                                                                                                                                                            insect pests

Shumba                          IN/0238             Fenitrothion +                 Ecomark                              Control of LGB and maize weevils.

Super                                                        Deltamethrin

Simba                             IN/0191             Pyrethrins                        Coil Product                       Mosquito control.

Mosquito                                                                                            (K) Ltd.


Solfac                             IN/0176             Cyfluthrin                         Bayer  Environ. Science   Against household pests and

EW 050                                                                                                                                             bed net impregnation


Suba Deltamethrin       IN/0274             Deltamethrin                Suba AgroTrading                control of tomato fruit worm                                                           


Sumicombi                     IN/0154             Fenvalerate +                   Sumitomo                            Against chewing and sucking

1.8 D                                                          Fenitrothion                                                                  insects on various crops.


Sumithion                      IN/0117             Fenitrothion                     Sumitomo                            Various crops against

50 EC                                                                                                                                                 chewing and sucking insect

                                                                                                                                                            pests. Household against

                                                                                                                                                           mosquitoes and flies

                                                                                                                                                          and storage insects.

Sumithion                      IN/0129             Fenitrothion                     Sumitomo                            Against mosquitoes

40 WP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Supakill                         IN/0269              Pyrethrin+                        Twiga Chemicals               mosquito control                                      



Super Grain                   IN/0210             Bifenthrin                         Juanco SPS Ltd                  Stored grain insect pests

Dust                                                                                                                                                  Control                                                       


SuScon Blue                 IN/0137             Chlorpyrifos                    Incitec Int.                          Control of sugarcane grubs


Talstar 100EC                IN/0208             Bifenthrin                         FMC                                    Roses against aphids and





Trade Name          Reg. No.             Common Name                       Registrant                                Usage                


Thiodan                         IN/0122             Endosulfan                      Bayer CropScience AG     Various crops against

35 EC                                                                                                                                                 chewing and sucking


Thionex                          IN/0123             Endosulfan                      Makhteshim                       Various crops against

 35 EC                                                                                                Agan                                   chewing and sucking insect                                       


Tigaroda                                                   IN/0241                             D-Allethrin                         Jan Holdings                                              Control of wild human-biting

Mosquito coil                                                                                                                                  Anophelines and Culicines.

Trig Aerosol                 IN/0187             Tetramethrin                    Chemipack                          Mosquito control.

                                                                                                             Tz. Ltd.

Trig Mosquito              IN/0188             d-Allethrin                       Chemipack                          Mosquito control.

Coil                                                                                                      Tz. Ltd.

Ustaad                           IN/0170             Cypermethrin                   United                                 On cotton against

1.8ULV                                                                                                Phosphorus                        sucking and chewing


Ustaad                           IN/0174             Cypermethrin                   United                                 On cotton against

10%EC                                                                                                 Phosphorus                        sucking and chewing insects


Vectron  10EW             IN/0218             Etofenprox                       Mitsui Chemicals,Inc        Bednet impregnation for

                                                                                                                                                           Mosquito control


Vectron  20EC               IN/0219             Etofenprox                       Mitsui Chemicals,Inc        Bednet impregnation for

                                                                                                                                                           mosquito control                                                                              

White Crane                  IN/0189             Pyrethrins                        Mohamed                           Mosquito control.

Mosquito Coil                                                                                    Enterprises Ltd


Zap aerosol                   IN/272               tetramethrin+                   Autoworld Trading  Co    mosquito control



Zapit                            IN/0256           s-bioallethrin+              SoleAero Ltd                       mosquito control                                                                                    









Agrifos 400SL            FU/0114               mono + dipotassium       Agrichem PTY Ltd            control of late blight in tomatoes

                                                                   phosphonate                   Australia                            

Alto 100 SL                   FU/0048            Cyproconazole                Syngenta Crop                   Coffee leaf rust.

                                                                                                             Protection AG

Antracol                        FU/0001            Propineb                           Bayer (E.A)Ltd                   Tomatoes, potatoes, tobacco, 70% WP Blue                                                                                                            ornamentals and coffee

                                                                                                                                                           against various fungal                                                                                                                                                                                          diseases.


Anvil 5 SC                     FU/0050            Hexaconazole                  Syngenta Ltd                     Coffee against leaf rust and

                                                                                                             (UK)                                     Cashew against powdery mildew



.Banko 500 SC               FU/0073            Chlorothalonil                 Arysta LifeScience         Coffee against Coffee Berry



Trade Name          Reg. No.             Common Name                       Registrant                                Usage                

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                                                                                                          disease.


Banko Plus                    FU/0080            Chlorothalonil +              Arysta LifeScience            Tomatoes against late blight.


Baycor 300EC               FU/0075            Bitertanol                         Bayer (E.A)Ltd                   Against foliage diseases in



Bayfidan                        FU/0051            Triadimenol                      Bayer (E.A)Ltd                   Coffee against leaf rust and

250 EC                                                                                                 cashew against powdery


Bayleton                        FU/0002            Triadimefon                     Bayer (E.A)Ltd                   Coffee and wheat against

25% WP                                                                                                                                            leaf rust,and in cashew against

                                                                                                                                                           powderly mildiew

Benomilo                       FU/0093            Benomyl                           Makhteshim                       Control of powdery mildew

50 WP                                                                                                                                               of roses under greenhouse


Blue shield                    FU/0052            Copper                              Cuproquim S.A                  Coffee against CBD and

                                                                   Hydroxide                                                                      other fungal diseases..                                            


Bronocot                       FU/0040            Bronopol                          Mukpar(T) Ltd                   Cotton seed dressing


Bronotak                        FU/0053            Bronopol                          Bayer CropScience AG     Cotton Seed dressing.



Clortocaffaro                 FU/0055            Chlorothalonil                 Vischim Srl,Italy                 Coffee against  leaf rust.

54 FLW 


Copper Nordox             FU/0009            Cuprous Oxide                Nordox A/S                        Coffee against CBD,


Copper Sandoz            FU/0010            cuprous oxide                 Sandoz                             coffee against CBD

                                                                                                                                                  and leaf rust

Coprado                         FU/0084            Copper Oxychloride       Helm AG                             Control of late blight on

50 WP                                                                                                                                               tomatoes

Cupravit 50 WP            FU/0056          copper oxychloride        Bayer (E.A)Ltd                     beans and groundnuts

                                                                                                                                                 Against leafrust

Cuprocaffaro                 FU/0054            Copper                              Isagro S.p.a                        Coffee against leaf rust.

50 WP                                                       Oxychloride


Daconil                          FU/0091            Chlorothalonil                 Syngenta (UK)                   Coffee against CBD

720 SC                           


Delan 75 WP                 FU/0013            Dithianon                         BASF                                   Coffee against CBD and

                                                                                                             .                                            leafrust.

Dithane M-45                FU/0014            Mancozeb                        Dow Agrosciences           Vegetables, beans, fruits

                                                                                                                                                           against anthracnose scab,

                                                                                                                                                            lateblight, rust, mildews.                                                                                                                                     

Farmerzeb                    FU/0102            Mancozeb                  Link Forward Co               early blight and downy mildew

                                                                                                                                                    In potatoes and tomatoes

Folicur                            FU/0071            Tebuconazole                  Bayer (E.A)Ltd                   On wheat and barley

250EC                                                                                                                                                against foliar diseases






Trade Name          Reg. No.             Common Name                       Registrant                                Usage                


Folpan                            FU/0094            Folpet                               Makhteshim                       Control of lateblight of

50 WP                                                                                                                                               tomatoes

Funguran-OH               FU/0061            Copper                              Urania                                  Coffee against CBD and

                                                                   Hydroxide                                                                      leafrust.


Galben M                       FU/0083            Benalaxyl +                      Twiga Chem.                      Control of late blight on

                                                                   Mancozeb                                                                     tomatoes.

Helmonyl                       FU/0085            Chlorothalonil                 Helm AG                             Control of late blight on

500                                                                                                                                                     tomatoes.

Kocide DF                     FU/0064            Copper                              Du Pont de                         Coffee against fungal disease

                                                                   Hydroxide                        Nemours                             and CBD

Kumulus DF                  FU/0018            sulphur                             BASF                                   grapes,vegetables,cashewnuts,ornamentals

                                                                                                                                                   against brownrot,scab,mildew,mites and scales


Linkonil                      FU/0101         chlorothalonil                Link Forward Co. Ltd           against late blight in tomatoes and           



Milraz                             FU/0078            Propineb +                       Bayer (E.A)Ltd                   Tomatoes against late blight

76WP                                                        Cymoxanil                                                                      disease

Milthane Super             FU/0082            Mancozeb                        Twiga Chem.                      Control of late blight on


Nordox 75WG             FU/0096          cuprous oxide                Nordox A/S                        control of late blight

                                                                                                                                                           on tomatoes

Nordox                           FU/0023            Cuprous oxide                 Nordox A/S                        Seed dressing for cotton

SD-45                                                                                                                                                against bacterial blight

                                                                                                                                                           and damping off.

Palm Brand                    FU/0069            Sulphur                             National Est.                       Cashew against powdery

Dusting Sulphur                                                                                                                             mildew

Perecopper                    FU/0058            Copper-                            Chemol Impex                     Coffee against CBD,

50% WP                                                   Oxychloride                     Hungarian                           leafrust.

                                                                                                             Trading Co.

Ridomil Gold                 FU/0079            Mancozeb +                     Syngenta Crop                   against late blight disease

68WG                                                        Metalaxyl                         Protection AG                    in potatoes,tomatoes and grapes.


Rido Super                    FU/0103            mancozeb+                       Suba Agrotrading          control of late blight in tomatoes

72 WP                                                       metalaxyl


Rova 500                        FU/0043            Chlorothalonil                 Vischim Srl,Italy                 Coffee against CBD.


Sabcop 50WP               FU/0076            Copper                              Koppa                                 Against CBD and CLR

                                                                   Oxychloride                                                                   in coffee.

Sapa Copper                 FU/0030            Copper                              Sapa Chem                          Coffee, beans,

Oxychloride                                              oxychloride                      Chemicals Ltd                    vegetables, grapes

                                                                                                                                                           against blights, mildew,

                                                                                                                                                           brown rot                                                                                                                                                                

Sancozeb                       FU/0081            Mancozeb                        Dow Agrosciences           Tomatoes against late blight

800 WP

Silvacur                          FU/0072            Fenetrazole +                   Bayer (E.A)Ltd                   On wheat and barley

                                                                   Terbutrazole +                                                              against foliar diseases






Trade Name          Reg. No.             Common Name                       Registrant                                Usage                


SeedPlus 20WS            FU/0116            Imidacloprid+                  Fluence Middle EA           control of early insect pests and soil

                                                                   Metalaxyl+                       + Balton(T)                         borne diseases in maize and beans       


TAFECO                        FU/0070            Sulphur                             TFC                                      Control of powdery mildew

Sulphur                                                                                               in cashew.

Tankopa                                                   FU/0077                            Copper                                Pesticide                Coffee against  CBD and CLR

                                                                   Oxychloride                     Manufacturers                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Tilt 250 EC                     FU/0034            Propiconazole                  Syngenta Crop                   Wheat, barley, sugarcane,

                                                                                                             Protection AG                    coffee, grapevine against rust                                                                                                                              blotch and mildew.

Topsin-M                      FU/0035            Thiophanate                    Nippon Soda                      Rice, wheat, tobacco,

40 ULV                                                                                                                                              vegetables against

                                                                                                                                                           leafspot, powdery mildew,

                                                                                                                                                           scab and blight.

Topsin-M                      FU/0036            Thiophanate                    Nippon Soda                      Rice, wheat, tobacco,

70% WP                                                   methyl                                                                            vegetables against

                                                                                                                                                           blast leafspot,

                                                                                                                                                           powdery mildew, scabs

                                                                                                                                                           and blight.

Trical                             FU/0105             Triadimefon                     Arysta LifeScience            On roses against powdery

250 EC                                                                                                                                               mildew.








Actril DS                        HE/0001            Ioxynil +               Bayer(E.A)  Ltd                              Cereals against

                                                                   2,4 - D                                                                             broad leaved weeds.


Agil  100EC                   HE/0150            propaquizafop      Agan Chemical Manufac.      annual and perrenial grasses in beans       


Ariane                            HE/0101            Fluroxypur +         Dow Agrosciences                      Against broad-leaved                              

EF 609                                                       Chlorpyralid                                                                  weeds in wheat and

                                                                   + MCPA                                                                        barley.


Atramet                          HE/0096            Atrazine +                        Agan Chem.                       Sugarcane against 

Combi 50SC                                             Ametryne                                                                      grasses and broad leaf weeds



Atranex                          HE/0098            Atrazine                            Agan Chem.                       Maize against

80WP                                                                                                                                                pre-emergence weeds.

Badge                             HE/0148            MCPA+                            Agan Chemical                  post emergency weed control

                                                                   Bromoxynil octanoate     Manufacturers                  in maize


Balton 2-4D                   HE/0102            2,4 D-Amine                     Balton (T)                           Wheat and barley against

                                                                                                             Ltd.                                      broad leaved weeds.

Basagran                       HE/0014            Bentazone                        BASF AG                            Rice, maize, beans against

480 g/l                                                                                                                                               broad leaved weeds and






Trade Name          Reg. No.             Common Name                       Registrant                                Usage                


Basagran PL2                HE/0016            Bentazone+                      BASF AG                            Rice, beans, maize

                                                                   Propanil                                                                         against broad leaved

                                                                                                                                                           weeds, sedges and


Basta 200g/l                  HE/0070            Glufosinate               Bayer(E.A)  Ltd                         Plantation crops

                                                                   Ammonium                                                                    orchards, vineyards,

                                                                                                                                                           against weeds in


Buctril MC                     HE/0079            Bromoxynil              Bayer(E.A)  Ltd                          Barley, maize, oats, wheat

                                                                                                                                                           and rice against broadleaf


Derby                             HE/0110            Flurasulam +                    Dow AgroSciences           Wheat and barley against

175 SC                                                       Flumetsulam                                                                  broadleaf weeds


Diurex                             HE/0106            Diuron                              Agan Chem                        Sugarcane against weeds



Dual Gold                      HE/0097            S-metolachlor                  Syngenta Crop                   Maize,beans and sugarcane against

960EC                                                                                                  Protection AG                    pre-emergence weeds.


Fusilade Super              HE/0076            Fluazifopbutyl                 Syngenta Ltd                     Various crops against 

12.5% EC                                                                                             (UK)                                     annual and perenial


Gesapax combi              HE/0030            Atrazine +                        Syngenta Crop                   Sugarcane, sisal, coffee,

500 FW                                                     Ametryne                         Protection AG                    bananas against weeds in


Glean 75 DF                   HE/0082            Chlorsulfuron            Bayer CropScience AG           Wheat and barley

                                                                                                                                                           against broad weeds.


Glyphogan                    HE/0099            Glyphosate                      Agan Chem.                       Wheat against annual

480SL                                                                                                                                                weeds.


Helmamine                     HE/0003            2, 4-D                                Helm AG                             Cereals, sugarcane, sisal,

720 EC                                                                                                                                               coffee against post-

                                                                                                                                                           emergence weeds.


Illoxan 36 EC                  HE/0038           Diclofop-methyl        Bayer(E.A)  Ltd                        Cereals against broad

                                                                                                                                                           leaved and grass



Kalachi                           HE/0112            Glyphosate                      Arysta LifeScience            Control of annual and perennial

480 SL                                                                                                                                               weeds.

Lasso GD                       HE/0042            Alachlor +                        Monsanto                           Against grasses and broad-

                                                                   Atrazine                                                                         leaved weeds in sugarcane,

                                                                                                                                                           maize and sunflower

Lasso GD                       HE/0153            Alachlor+                         Monsanto                           preemergency weeds in maize,beans

Microtech                                                Atrazine                                                                         and vegetables


Lasso                             HE/0154            Alachlor                           Monsato (T) Ltd                preemergency weeds in maize,beans

Microtec                                                                                                                                                                                                                and vegetables

Mamba 360                    HE/0095            Glyphosate                      Dow Agrosciences           Wheat against annual 

SL                                                                                                                                                      and perennial grasses and

                                                                                                                                                           broad leaved weeds.


Trade Name          Reg. No.             Common Name                       Registrant                                Usage                


NABU 20% EC             HE/0045            Sethoxydim                      Nippon Soda                      Various crops against weeds                                                                                                                               and grasses.


Parapaz                          HE/0113            Paraquat                           Balton Tz. Ltd.                   Control of broadleaved weeds and

                                                                                                                                                           grasses in maize.

Primagram Gold            HE/0116            Atrazine +                        Syngenta Crop                   Control of pre-emergence weeds

660 SC                                                       S-metolachlor                  Protection AG                    in maize,sorghum and sugarcane


Puma Super                   HE/0109            Fenoxaprop-           Bayer(E.A)  Ltd                           Wheat against grass weeds

120EC                                                        p-ethyl


Ralon Super                 HE/0088             Fenoxapro-              Bayer (E.A)Ltd                           On wheat against weeds.

75EW                                                        P-ethyl                                                                                               

Reglone                                                    HE/0052                            Diquat                                 Syngenta Ltd                Various crops against

200g/l                                                                                                   (UK)                                     pre-planting and

                                                                                                                                                           aquatic weeds.

Rhone Poulenc             HE/0043            2, 4-D                                Nufarm GmbH                    Various crops against

2, 4-D Amine                                                                                                                                    broad leaved weeds.                                


Rondopaz                      HE/0100            Glyphosate                      Balton (T) Ltd.                   Wheat against annual weeds


Ronstar 25 EC               HE/0054            Oxadiazon                     Bayer (E.A)Ltd                      Rice, sunflower, against

                                                                                                                                                           weeds in general.

Roundup                                                  HE/0055                            Glyphosate                         Monsanto                Coffee, citrus, bananas

360 SC                                                                                                                                               against all types of

                                                                                                                                                           weeds particular­ly couch


Roundup Max               HE/0115            Glyphosate                      Monsanto                           Control of weeds in maize


Sanaphen 720SL           HE/0114            2,4-D amine                      Dow AgroScience             Control of broad leaved weeds in maize


Sanduron 800SC            HE/0120          Diuron                            Dow Agroscience         weeds in sugarcane    



Sapa Paraquat               HE/0056           Paraquat                           Sapa Chem                          Plantation crops

20 EC                                                                                                                                                 against common broad

                                                                                                                                                           leaved and annual weeds.

Satunil                             HE/0077           Benthiocarb +                  Kumiai Chem                      Rice against

60EC                                                          Propanil                                                                         gramineous cyeraceous


Saturn                            HE/0078            Benthiocarb                     Kumiai Chem                      Rice against

50 EC                                                                                                                                                 gramineous cyperaceous


Saturnvalor                   HE/0091            Thiobencarb/                   Kumiai Chem                      Gramineous cyperaceous

55 EC                                                         Benthiocarb +                                                               and broad leaved weeds

                                                                   Prometryn                                                                      in crop fields.

Sencor                            HE/0108            Metribuzin              Bayer (E.A)Ltd                            Sugarcane against weeds



Sindax                            HE/0090            Bensulfuron +                 Du-Pont                              On irrigated rice against

 10WP                                                       Metasulfuron                                                                broadleaf weeds and

                                                                   methyl                                                                            grasses.                                                                                                                                                                            

Stam                               HE/0058            Propanil                            Dow Agroscience             Wheat, rice, potatoes

F-34 EC                                                                                                                                             against post emergence


Trade Name          Reg. No.             Common Name                       Registrant                                Usage                

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                                                                                                              weeds.

Stam                               HE/0059            Propanil +                         Dow Agroscience             Rice against barnyard

UT-8 EC                         Phenothol                                                   grass and cyperaceae                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       (sedges).


Stomp                             HE/0061            Pendimethalin                  BASF                                   Sugarcane, cereals,

500 EC                                                                                                                                               cotton, sisal, rice

                                                                                                                                                           against grasses and  broad

                                                                                                                                                           leaved weeds.

Topik                              HE/0104            Clodinafop-                      Syngenta Crop                   Wheat against  annual                                                                                                                                          broad leaved weeds.

080EC                                                        Propargyl                         Protection AG                      grass weeds


Tordon 101                    HE/0064            Pichloram                         Dow Agrosciences           Bushes and trees against

                                                                   + 2,4-D                                                                           broad leaved weeds


Trifluralin                       HE/0065            Trifluralin                Dow Agrosciences                     Various crops against annual

40EC                                                                                                                                                  Grasses and broad leaved


Velpar                             HE/0107            Hexazinone                      Du Pont                               weeds in sugarcane


Whipsuper                    HE/0093            Fenoxa-p-ethyl       Bayer (E.A)Ltd                            For high volume spraying

120EW                                                                                                                                              in beans against weeds.


Wipeout                                                   HE/0094                            Glyphosate                         Almandine                                                  For control of broad leaved

360                                                                                                       Corp.                                    weeds and grasses in wheat.






Almatix 12.5EC              AC/0016           Amitraz                             Almandine                          Against ticks and lice.


Amitix                             AC/0020           Amitraz                             Alfan Intern.                       Control of cattle ticks.                                                                                                                                                           ectoparasites

Cethion                          AC/0007           Ethion                               Cheminova                         Control of cattle ticks.


Ectoban                         AC/0021           Cymiazole +                     Novartis                              Control of cattle ticks.

200 EC                                                       Cypermethrin


Norotraz                         AC/0022           Amitraz                             Norbrook                            Control of cattle ticks.

12.5%                                                                                                   Laboratories                      

Porect                             AC/0015           Phosmet                           Pfizer (Pty)                          Control of mange and

                                                                                                             Ltd.                                      mites in pigs.


Stelladone                     AC/0004           Chlorfenviphos               Zagro                                   Farm animal against

300 EC                                                                                                                                               e­ctoparasites.


Supona                          AC/0010           Chlorfenviphos               Wyeth SA                          Cattle ticks and tse-tse.

100 EC                                                                                                 (Pty) Ltd.                            

Taktic                             AC/0013           Amitraz                             Hoechst Roussel               Cattle ticks.

                                                                                                             Veterinar GmbH

Taktic EC                       AC/0018           Amitraz                             Hoechst Roussel               Cattle against mange,

                                                                                                             Veterinar GmbH                 mites, ticks and lice

Triatix                             AC/0017           Amitraz                             Schering Plough                Cattle against ticks, lice

12.5EC                                                                                                 Animal Health                    and mange.


Trade Name          Reg. No.             Common Name                       Registrant                                Usage                





Basamid                         NE/0001            Dazomet                           Kanesho                             Tobacco, coffee,

granular                                                                                               Soil Treatment                    vegetables, against

                                                                                                                                                           soil pests i.e.

                                                                                                                                                           nematode­s, wireworms,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            and millipedes.

Diafuran 5G                   NE/006              carbofuran                       Arysta LifeScience            control of soil insects

                                                                                                                                                           and nematodes

Furadan 5G                    NE/003              Carbofuran                       FMC                                    Bananas, coffee, tobacco,                                                                                                                                                                                                   sugacane, rice, maize,

                                                                                                                                                           non-leafy vegetables against                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      soil insects, nematodes,

                                                                                                                                                           foliar chewing, biting and                                                                                                                                                                                                                            sucking insects.

                                                                                                                                                           soil insect pests.

Mocap 10G                    NE/0005            Ethioprophos          Bayer (E.A)Ltd                           Sugarcane, rice and maize

                                                                                                                                                           against soil insects.





Racumin bait                 RO/0003            Coumatetralyl       Bayer Crop Science AG               Against rats and mice.



Yasodion                       RO/0004            Diphacinone                    Ohtsuka                              Against rats and mice in

                                                                                                             Chem. Ind. Co.                   rice, sugarcane and maize.






Cyanox L - 50                AV/0002           Cyanophos                      Sumitomo                            On quelea quelea birds.


Queletox                                                   AV/0001                           Fenthion                Bayer CropScience AG                Against grain eating

60% ULV                                                                                                                                          birds in particular

                                                                                                                                                           Quelea quelea.

























Trade Name                  Reg. No.           Common      Registrant                     Usage                           Restriction




Celphos 56%                 RE/0123            Aluminium phosphide       Equatorial Africa           control of grain  storage insect pests



Degesch Plate               RE/0051            Magnesium    Rentokil (T)    Grain                              Storage use in godown

                                                                   Phosphide      Ltd.                   storage.                       and silos.


Detia Ex-B                  RE/0053                Aluminium      Detia              Grain storage.                Storage use in  godowns

                                                                   Phosphide        Freyberg                                              and silos.                                                  


Ethylene                      RE/004               ethylene           Sapa             formulation                  formulation purpose

Dibromide(tecn)                                      dibromide                             purposes


Ethylene               RE/004                     Ethylene            Sapa Chem.      Formulation            formulation purpose only

Dibromide                                              dibromide



Falfume                    RE/0118                  aluminium                         Falcon International          control of LGB and other storage

                                                                   Phosphide                                                                     insect pests


Fumaphos                  RE/0119          Aluminium phosphide         National Fumigants(Pty)  control of LGB and other storage

                                                                                                             Chamdor,S.Africa              insect pests


Kanamin              RE/0055                   d-allethrin        African        formulation                        formulation

                                                                                            Mosfly           Purposes only              purposes only


Locufen 96 ULV      RE/0122                  Fenitrothion                     AgriSpeciality,DSM          against red locust  control


Phostoxin             RE/0050                      Aluminium       Detia               Grain storage            Storage use in  godowns

Pellets                                                       Phosphide        Freyberg                                                                                        and silos.



Phostoxin             RE/0052                      Aluminium      Rentokil           Grain storage           Storage use in godowns

Tablets                                                     Phosphide                                                                  and silos.

Pyrinex                RE/0054                   cchloropyrifos  Balton               on maize only           against chewing and

                                                                                                                                                           And sucking pests in maize

Quickphos           RE/0049                      Aluminium      United              Grain storage              Storage use in godowns                        

                                                                   Phosphide         Phosphorus                                       and silos.


Sapa Methyl       RE/0024                       Methyl               Sapa Chem     Tobacco,                     Soil use only.

Bromide 98%                                           Bromide                                     nurseries  against                   

                                                                                                                        soil insect  pests.                   

Sapa ethylene      RE/0023                     ethylene              Sapa                against soil pests         in soils only

Dibromide 45%                                        dibromide





Trade Name                  Reg. No.           Common      Registrant                     Usage                           Restriction




Subaprid(tech)   RE/0121                       imidacloprid tech. Suba Agro     for formulation activities only


Twiga Gamma20    RE/0120            Lindane                   Twiga             termites                   in construction industry only


Vapona 500EC              RE/0124            dichlorvos                        National Fumigants           control of for treatment of structures used for

                                                                                                             (Pty),RSA                           grain storage





Impretect Oxide            RE/0112          Copper Oxide +                  Duville                                On woods against insects and fungal

70TC                                                         Chromium Trioxide         Woodworks                      decay

                                                                   Arsenic Pentoxide

Celcure K33                   RE/0030            Copper Oxide+                 Rentokil                              Timber  treatment against                                  

                                                                   Chromium  trioxide                                                        fungal decay            

                                                                   Arsenic pentoxide                                                                 


Farmerzeb(techn)       RE/0113            techn. Mancozeb          Link Forward Co                            for formulation of  Farmerzeb

                                                                                                                                                                       80% only


Osmose CCA C60        RE/0117            CCA                                  Protim Solignum Osmose                  Wood Treatment


Tanalith                                            RE/0111                                    Copper oxide                 Arch Timber                                    Timber and wood

C3310                                                        + Arsenic                       Protection ,UK                                    treatment against

                                                                   Pentoxide+                                                                                     fungal decay

                                                  Chromium trioxide


Volcano paraquat         RE/0116            Metribuzin+                     VolcanoAgrosciences                    weeds in sugarcane

SL                                                              Paraquat                                                                                       plantations only



Bayticol                      RE/0115               Flumethrin             Bayer  AG        Cattle against tick      To be used in ticks in

2% EC                                                                                                                   tsetse                            tsetse infested

                                                                                                                                                                     areas only.

Bayticol                      RE/0012               Flumethrin             Bayer  AG        Cattle against tick      To be used in ticks in

6% EC                                                                                                                   tsetse                            tsetse infested

                                                                                                                                                                     areas only.

Bayticol                                                    RE/0001                            Flumethrin              Bayer AG.        Cattle against           To be used in ticks

Pour On                                                                                                                ticks and                   and tsetse infested

                                                                                                                                tsetse.                       areas only.

Decatix 5%                    RE/0002            Deltamethrin          Schering              Cattle against          To be used in ticks

                                                                                                   Plough Animal    ticks and                 and tse-tse infested

                                                                                                   Health                  tse-tse.                     areas only

Dominex 100EC             RE/0006            Alphacyper-             F.M.C             Cattle ticks        To be used in ticks anmethrin                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               And and tsetse infested areas.              


Ecofleece 10EC             RE/0011            Cypermethrin         Bimeda                 Cattle ticks          To be used in ticks and

                                                                                                  Chem                                               tse-tse infested areas only.


Trade Name          Reg. No.             Common Name                       Registrant                                Usage                


Ectomin 100EC               RE/0008           Cypermethrin       Novartis                 Cattle ticks          To be used in ticks and

                                                                                               SA (Pty)                and tse-tse.          tse-tse infested areas only.


Ectopor 020AS             RE/0004            Cypermethrin         Novartis               Cattle ticks          To be used in ticks and

                                                                                                 SA (Pty)              and tse-tse.           tse-tse infested areas only.


Grenade 5%EC              RE/0010            Cyhalothrin          Schering               Cattle ticks            To be used in ticks and

                                                                                                Plough                  and tse-tse             tse-tse infested areas only.

                                                                                               Animal Health                                    

Paranex                          RE/0013            Alphacyper-         FARMBASE       Cattle ticks             To be used in ticks and

                                                                   methrin                                               and Tsetse               tsetse  infested areas only


Pouracide                      RE/0009            Alphacyper-         Smithkline            Cattle ticks           To be used in ticks and

                                                                   methrin +            (Pty) Ltd.                and tse-tse.           tse-tse infested areas only.



Renegade                      RE/0007            Alphacyper-          Wyeth SA         Cattle ticks              To be used in ticks and

                                                                   methrin                 (Pty) Ltd            and tse-tse.              tse-tse infested areas only.



Spoton 1%                    RE/0005            Deltamethrin       Schering             Cattle ticks                To be used in ticks   and

                                                                                               Plough                 and tse-tse.                tse-tse infested areas only.

                                                                                              Animal Health                                       







Furadan 10 G                 RE/0028            Carbofuran          F.M.C.                   Banana, Coffee       Soil used only.  

                                                                                                                                 and tobbaco.    






























Trade Name                  Reg. No.           Common Name               Registrant                          Usage



Abate 200 EC                EXP/951            Temephos                        Tukuyu Vector                   against blackfly larvae



Adeal 1EC                     EXP/285            Pyriproxyfen                    Sumitomo                            On mosquitoes.


Adeal 10EC                   EXP/286            Pyriproxyfen                    Sumitomo                            On mosquitoes.


Adeal 0.5 G                    EXP/454            Pyriproxyfen                    Sumitomo                            On mosquitoes.


Agro-Chloride              EXP/626            Chloripyrifos                   Transagro                           Against insect pests.

500EC                                                        + Dimethoate

Agita 10WG             EXP/934              Thiamexothan                Norvatis S.A                    control of houseflies


Agita  GBI                 EXP/935              Thiamex0than                Norvatis S.A                     control of houseflies

 Agro-Cytrin                 EXP/624            Cypermethrin +               Transagro                           Against insect pests in various crops.

Plus 280EC                                               Dimethoate                                                                   


Agro-Cytrin                  EXP/625            Cypermethrin                   Transagro                           Against insect pests in various crops.

112ULV                                                     Dimethoate                                                                   


Agro-Cytrin                  EXP/482            Cypermethrin                   Transagro                           Against insect pests in various crops.    

10 EC                                                                                                                                                  


Agro-Cytrin                  EXP/609            Cypermetherin                 Transagro                           Various crops against insect pests.



Agro-Cytrin                  EXP/606            Cypermethrin                   Transagro                           Against insect pests.



Agro-Detrin                  EXP/644            Deltamethrin                    Transagro                           Various crops against insect pests.

2.5 EC                                                                                                                                               


Agro-Detrin                  EXP/645          Cypermethrin                  Transagro                         various insect pests

0.5ULV                                                                                                                                              .


Agro-Thoate                 EXP/483            Dimethoate                      Transagro                           Sugarcane, sunflower, cotton and jute

40 EC                                                                                                                                                 against aphids, whiteflies, mites and










Trade Name                  Reg. No.           Common Name               Registrant                          Usage



Agro-Trothion              EXP/484            Fenitrothion                     Transagro                           On cotton, sugarcane, coffee and

50 EC                                                                                                                                                 tobacco against chewing and sucking


Agrozinon                     EXP/1101          Diazinon                           Aquatoria Africa Ltd        various pests



Agro-Valerate               EXP/611            Fenvalerate                      Transagro                           Against insect pests.

20 EC                                                                                                                    


Agro-Valerate               EXP/610            Fenvalerate                      Transagro                           Against insect pests.

3.0 ULV


Alarin-T                         EXP/956            Dicofol+Tetradifon         Agan Chemicals                Against mites on vegetables, cotton,

                                                                                                                                                           Fruits and flowers

Albaz 10EC                    EXP/1034          alphacypermethrin          CMI Ltd;UK                       vs flying and crawling insects


Alphadime 415DS        EXP/1013          alpha-cypermethrin        Onion E.Africa                   insect pests in cotton,cereals,horticultur

                                                                   + dimethoate

Alphaguard                   EXP/678            Alphacyper-                    Fertilizer and                       On various crops against

48 EC                                                         methrin                             Chemicals                           insect pests.


Asataf 75SP                  EXP/1022          Acephate                         OSHO Chem. Industies    chewing and sucking insects in cotton,


Aster Extrim 20SL         EXP/1148          Acetamiprid+                   Equatorial Africa Ltd        insecticide on various crops


Avaunt 150SC              EXP/665            Indoxacarb                       Du-Pont                              On cotton, brassicae, tomatoes,

                                                                                                                                                           beans and vegetables against


Azocord                         EXP/695            Cypermethrin/                 BASF.                                  For control of mites and insects

                                                                   Monocrotophos                                                           in flowers and seedbeans.


Bactivec                         EXP/958            Bt                                       Jose A. Fraga                     mosquito control


Baluphos                       EXP/1174          Al-phosphide                  Bajuta General Vetagro    pests in stored grains



Bamethrin 2.5 ULV       EXP/1145          Deltamethrin                    Bajuta General Vetagro     on cotton,coffee,maize,cereals



Baroque 10SC               EXP/1172          Etoxazole                          Chemtura (PTY) ltd           spidermites on ornamentals


Bathion 50EC                EXP/1140          Fenthion                           Bajuta General Vetagro     ….


Baygon  mosquito       EXP/798            Pyrethrins                        Johnson Wax (EA)            Against mosquitoes










Trade Name                  Reg. No.           Common Name               Registrant                          Usage




Belt 480SC                     EXP/1151          Flubendiamide                 Bayer (e.A)                         insect pests in Brassica,and tobacco


Black Cat                       EXP/830            Pyrethrin                          MSK Ind.                            Against mosquitoes

Mosquito Coil


Blue cross                     EXP/748            Malathion                        Nova Chem. Ltd                 On stored grains against insect pests.


Bulldog                          EXP/594            Betacyfluthrin                  Bayer CropScience AG    On maize against stalk borers.       

0.05 GR                                                                                                                                               

Calrate                            EXP/879            Lambda                             Amiran (K)                          On tomato against ABW

50 EC                                                         Cyhalothrin


Bug Oil                           EXP/1191          natural oil                         DVA; MBH,Germany        on various insect pests


Cascade 10 DC             EXP/685            Flufenoxuron                   BASF                                   Against mites in ornamentals.



Casper Anti                   EXP/836            Allethrin                           ISM Agro                           Against mosquitoes


Celcron 50% EC            EXP/1167          Profenofos                       Equatorial Africa               various insect pests in cotton



Cereguard Super          EXP/1044          Pyrethrins                        Farmbase                            various pests in agriculture,forestry


Commando 80%           EXP/1083          zinc phosphie                  Equatorial Africa               against rodents


Conquest C176 EC       EXP/978            Acetamiprid+                   Arysta Life Sciences         bollworms and sucking pests in cotton


Crop Dust                      EXP/743            Bifenthrin                         Juanco SPS                         Against cutworm and stalk borer.



Cyhalothrin                   EXP/900            Cyhalothrin                      Syngenta Crop                   Control of migratory pests

7 ULV                                                                                                  Protection AG


Danitol 10 EC                EXP/13              Fenpropathrin                 Sumitomo                            Fruit trees, vegetables and cotton

                                                                                                                                                           against mite, aphids and whiteflies.


Dasba 48EC                   EXP/1143          Chlorpyrifos                    Bajuta General Vetagro     ……………………


Deet                                EXP/1080          N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide Chemi and Cotex              mosquito repellant                                                   


Deltaphos 212EC          EXP/1039          Deltametrhin+                  Bayer(EA) Ltd                    on cotton against mites,thrips etc.




Doom Vermin                EXP/306            Sevin                                 Bayer CropScience AG     Against cockroaches flies, lice,

Powder                                                                                                                                             bedbugs and other crawling





Trade Name                  Reg. No.           Common Name               Registrant                          Usage


Dragnet FT                    EXP/1204          Permethrin                        Juanco SPS                         termite control


Duducyper 5EC            EXP/1122          Cypermethrin                   Bukoola Chemical Ind       chewing and sucking insect pests


Duduthrin 5EC              EXP/1016          lambda cyhalothrin         Twiga Chemicals(T)          …(insecticide)…                                                                                                                           insects.

Duduethoate                 EXP/1123          dimethoate                       Bukoola Chemical Ind.      Chewing and sucking insect pests


Eksmin                           EXP/459            Permethrin                        Sumitomo                            For mosquito control.

10 EC


Elsan                              EXP/165            Phenthoate                      Nissan Chem.                     Various crops against chewing and

50 EC                                                                                                                                                 sucking insects.


Endocel 35EC                EXP/1081          Endosulfan                      Equatorial Africa               against chewing pests


Endocid-40                    EXP/1073          Endosulfan                      Handelsgesellschaft         wide range of sucking and chewing

                                                                                                             Detlef von Appen mbH    insects

Endotaf 35EC                EXP/1031          Endosulfan                      OSHO Chem. Industies    stalkborers and chewing insects                                                                                              


Ex-Pel super                  EXP/112            Bendiocarb +                   Mansoor Daya                   Household against cockroaches,

cockroach                                                Permethrin                        Chemicals Ltd.                   bedbugs and other insects.



Falam 5% EC                 EXP/1163          Labda-                              Export Trading Co. ltd      against various insects in ctton,

                                                                   cyhalothrin                                                                    vegetables, etc

Falpro 72                        EXP/1165          profenophos                    Export Trading Co Ltd      insects and mites in cotton,vegetable etc


Farmprid                        EXP/1193          Imidacloprid                     Linkforward Co. Ltd          against various insect pests


Farmrifos                       EXP/1194          Chorpyrifos                     Linkforward Co. Lts          various insect pests


Fendona                                                   EXP/794                            Alphacypermethrin           BASF                                                           Bednet treatment and residual

150WP                                                                                                                                              spray for mosquito control


Fenkil 3%ULV               EXP/167            Fenvalerate                      United                                        Cotton, maize, sorghum against                                                                                                   Phosphorus Ltd.                                    Insect pests.


Folimat                           EXP/766            Omethoate                       BASF                                   On coffee against thrips, mealybugs,

500SL                                                                                                                                                aphids; Ornamentals against scales,

                                                                                                                                                           aphids, mites & catapillars

Gaucho                          EXP/317            Imidacloprid                     Bayer CropScience AG     Soil insects and aphids.

70 WS                                                      


GC-340 EC                     EXP/1130          Garlic extracts                  Juanco SPS Ltd                  various insect pests


Glossinex 200SC           EXP/1146          Deltamethrin                    Ecomark Ltd                       use on tsetsefly



Golden Pro 40EC          EXP/1203          Profenophos+                 Invectra Agro Ltd             various chewing and sucking insect

                                                                   Cypermethrin                  Cyprus                                 pests



Trade Name                  Reg. No.           Common Name               Registrant                          Usage


Goliath                           EXP/709            Fipronil                             BASF Agro BV                  Insecticidal gel for the control of

Bait stations                                                                                                                                    cockroaches.

Goliath Gel                     EXP/802            Fipronil                             BASF Agro BV                  Against cockroaches


Griselesf                         EXP/959            Bs                                      Jose A. Fraga                     Against mosquitoes


Hasafat 75%                 EXP/963           Acephate                        Agri Speciality Ltd            against chewing and sucking insects in   


Hotshot 70WDG          EXP/955            Imidacloprid                     Sulphur Mills                     Sucking insects on various crops


Icon Life                        EXP/1185          Deltamethrin                    Syngenta                            Bednet treatment


Icon Maxx 10CS            EXP/1134          lambda cyhalothrin   Syngenta Crop Protection     bednets impregnation


Jumbo mosquito           EXP/831            Pyrethrin                          MSK Ind.                            Against Mosquitoes


Karate 3.75WG             EXP/672            Lambda-                           Syngenta Ltd                     Vegetables against various insects.


                                                                   Cyhalothrin                      (UK)                                                         

Kombat Stalk-               EXP/649            Carbaryl                            Kombat (PTY)                    Maize against stalkborer.      

borer Granules                                                                                    Ltd.                                     


Komesha                       EXP/770            Asbiothrin +                    Truck Parts Ltd                  Against household insects


Luxan                             EXP/4                Diazinon                           B.V. Luxan                          Various crops against sucking

Diazinon                        60EC                                                                                                         The Netherlands                                        pests.


Marshall                                                   EXP/468                            Carbosulfan                        F M C                                                          For foliar and soil pests on maize,

350 STD                                                                                                                                            cotton, wheat, barley and millet.


Marshall EN                  EXP/636            Carbosulfan +                  F M C                                  On coffee against leafminer, antestia,

                                                                   Endosulfan                                                                    scales, berrymoth and borers.

Maxforce Ic                 EXP/853              Imidacloprid                     Bayer (EA) Ltd                   Cockroach control


Marvik 2F                      EXP/757            Tau-fluvalinate                Syngenta Crop                   Vegetables, ornamentals and cereals

                                                                                                             Protection AG                    against insect pests.


Mbukil                           EXP/790            Pyrethrin                          Sapa Chemicals                  Against mosquitoes and flies


Melgel Cocroach          EXP/1001          Fipronil                             Gutta and Mwilima            cockroach control

Gel                                                                                                       Associates

Metasystox                   EXP/789            Oxydemeton-                   Bayer CropScience AG     Against aphids, leaf hoppers, whitefly

250EC                                                        methyl                                                                            and other sucking pests

Methomex                     EXP/886            Methomyl                        Makhteshim Chem            Control of insect pests on vegetables, 

90 SP                                                                                                                                                 coffee and ornamentals

Mmbu Dawa net           EXP/1179          Deltamethrin                    Sunflag(T)Ltd                    for mosquito net impregnation 

Mortein Doom              EXP/1180          Metofluthrin                    Reckitt Benkiser                 Mosquito repellent

Act. Air Repellent                                                                             E.Africa Ltd

Mortein Doom All        EXP/1190          Imiprothrin+                     Reckitt Benkiser                 against flying and crawling insects

 Insect killer with                                     Esbiothrin+                      E.Africa Ltd                       

Dettol Gwerstop                                      d-phenothrin



Trade Name                  Reg. No.           Common Name               Registrant                          Usage


Mortein Doom Fast     EXP/1189          Imiprothrin+                     Reckitt Benkiser                 cockroaches and other                            

Knockdown CIK                                     Cypermethrin                   E.Africa Ltd                        harmful insects


Mortein doom             EXP/1181        Esbiothrin                         Reckitt Benkiser                   cockroaches and other

Mosq. Relellent                                                                                 E.Africa Ltd                        harmful insects


Mortein Doom              EXP/1182          Imiprothrin+                     Reckitt Benkiser                 cockroaches and other

Ultrafast AIK                                         Esbiothrin+Permethrin

Mortein Doom              EXP/1183          Imiprothrin+                     Reckitt Benkiser                cockroaches and other                            

Ultrafast AIK                                         Esbiothrin+Permethrin    E.Africa Ltd                         harmful insects



Mosband                       EXP/822            N-N-diethyl-                    Redrose Man. Ltd             Against mosquitoes

Insect  Repellent                                     tolnamide


Mosfly aerosol             EXP/1201          d-tetramethrin+               African Mosfly                  household insecticide

                                                                   Permethrin+                     Industries Ltd;

                                                                   Deltamethrin                    Moshi


Moskill Aerosol           EXP/810            Pyrethrum                        Coil Products (K)               Against flying and crawling domestic


Mospilan 20%SP          EXP/638            Acetamiprid                     Nippon Soda                      On wheat, barley, beans, tobbaco,

                                                                                                             Co. Ltd.                               potatoes, vegetables, flowers

                                                                                                                                                           and fruits against aphids, leaf hopper

                                                                                                                                                           and fruits moth.                                                                                                                           

Mospilan 3%EC           EXP/639            Acetamiprid                     Nippon Soda                      Cereals, beans, tobbaco, potatoes,

                                                                                                             Co. Ltd.                               vegetables flowers and fruits against

                                                                                                                                                           aphids, leaf hopper and fruit moths                      

Motox Mosquito          EXP/809            d-Allethrin                       HVM Products Ltd            Mosquito control


Nagata                           EXP/1057          Ethion 40% +                   Osho Chem. Ind.                American bollworm in cotton

                                                                   Cypermethrin 5% EC



Mupa-alphacyper        EXP/1147          alphercypermethrin        Equatorial Africa Ltd        control of various insect pests in

10EC                                                                                                                                                  cotton,vegetables,maize etc.


Mupan 500EC               EXP/1199          Dichlorvas                       Equatorial Africa Ltd        mosquito control in public site


Netto 1%SC                  EXP/1079          lambda cyhalothrin         Fluence Middle East         mosquito net impregnation

Nissorun VEC               EXP/463            Hexythiazox                     Nippon Soda                      Against spidemites, aphids on cotton,

                                                                   + Dichlorvos                                                                 soyabeans fruits and vegetables.


Ninja 5EC                       EXP/1156          Lambda cyhalothrin       Equatorial Africa               various insect pests


No-bite                           EXP/832            Diethyl                              Mansoor Daya                   Against mosquitoes and flies

Insect Repellent                                      toluamide






Trade Name                  Reg. No.           Common Name               Registrant                          Usage


NOK Aerosol                EXP/698            Tetramethrin                    NOK Products                   For mosquitoes and other flying

                                                                   + Fenitrothion                 Limited                                and crawling insect

Nova-Super                   EXP/1186         Malathion+                      Nova Industries Ltd          weevils and LGB in stored products

Super Blue Cross                                    Pyrethrins                        Nairobi


Nova stalk borer           EXP/1187          pyrethrins                        Nova Industries Ltd          against maize stalkborers

Dust                                                                                                     Nairobi


Nurelle D50/500EC       EXP/1003          Cypermethrin+                Dow Agroscience             insect  pests in vegetables,beans,cotton

                                                                   Chloropyrifos                                                               and wheat


Orthene 97 Pellets        EXP/797            Acephate                         Arvesta Corp.                    Cotton against bollworm, aphids

                                                                                                                                                           lygus, thrips and stainers


Pali 2.5%WP                 EXP/985            Deltamethrin                    Twiga Chemicals               against mosquitoes


Pali 25 WT                     EXP/986            Deltamethrin                    Twiga Chemicals               mosquito control


Peripel 55                       EXP/619            Permethrin                        Bayer CropScience AG     As a contact repellent against

                                                                                                                                                           biting insects and ticks.

Pesguard                       EXP/333            d-Allethrin +                    Sumitomo                            On mosquitoes.

Ps 201                                                       Permethrin                                                                           

Phosphite 53SL            EXP/1131          mono + dipotassium       Juanco SPS                         ………………………..



Polytrin                          EXP/705            Profenofos +                    Syngenta Crop                   Foliar insectide with acaricidal

440EC                                                        Cypermethrin                   Protection AG                    properties for use in vegetable crops.


Prevent                          EXP/1011          Pyrethrins+                      Tanzania                             houseflies and mosquitoes

                                                                   Piperonyl butoxide         Processing


Prove 1.92 EC                EXP/1159          Emamectin Benzoate      Equatorial Africa Ltd        inscet pests in cotton,egetables,brassica


Pyegar 35EC                  EXP/1129          Natural pyrethrum+        Juanco SPS Ltd                  various insect pests

                                                                   Garlic extract


Raid Ant and                EXP/827            Imiprothrin +                    Johnson Wax                     Against crawling insects

Cockroach Killer                                     Cypermethrin


Raid Coil Perfumed      EXP/824            Pyrethrum                        Johnson Wax                     Against mosquitoes  


Raid Coil Regular         EXP/825            Pyrethrum                        Johnson Wax                     Against mosquitoes


Raid Liquid Electric      EXP/1127          Prallethrin                         Johnson Wax                     mosquito repellent


Raid multipurpose        EXP/1111          Imiprothrin+                     Johnson Wax (EA)            domestic and public health insects                  

Insect killer                                              Cyfluthrin


Odourless                                                Tetramethrin

Regent 3GR                   EXP/640            Fipronil                             BASF Agro BV                  On rice against borers, gall midge

                                                                                                                                                          and rice insects pest. 

Regent 50SC                 EXP/664            Fipronil                             BASF Agro BV                  Against bean flies, thrips and cabbage



Trade Name                  Reg. No.           Common Name               Registrant                          Usage


Residex P25                   EXP/961            Permethrin                        Tanzania Pyrethrum          impregnation of mosquito nets


Ridsect Liquid              EXP/796            Cyphenothrin +               SaraLee Household &      Control of mosquitoes and cockroaches

                                                                   Prallethrin                         Body Care (K) Ltd


Ridsect Mosquito        EXP/799            d-Allethrin                       SaraLee Household &      Control of mosquitoes

Coils                                                                                                    Body Care (K) Ltd

Ridsect                          EXP/808           Deltamethrin                  SaraLee Household and    control of cockroaches,ants and          

Chalk                                                                                                   Bodycare(K)Ltd                   bedbugs


Risasi Mosquito Coil   EXP/1138          D-allethrin                        Meghji Sundries                mosquito control

0.2%w/w (d-allethrin)

Riyazinon 60EC            EXP/1121          Diazinon                           Riyue Chemical Ltd           aphids,armyworm,mites,mealybugs etc


Royalnex 25CS              EXP/1104          Chlorpyrifos                    Chemtura Corporation      seed treatment for the control of soil

                                                                                                                                                           Borne insectc pests,and early insect

                                                                                                                                                           Pests in maize and other crops

Sapa                               EXP/201            Cypermethrin                   Sapa Chem.                         On cotton , coffee, beans,  maize,              

Cypermethrin                                                                                                                                   tobacco against aphids, flies and ticks.

10 EC                                                                                                                                                

Secure                            EXP/686            Chlorfenapyr                   BASF                                   On carnations against   spidermites

36 SC                                                                                                                                                 and caterpillars.

Septer 200SC                 EXP/1052          Imidacloprid                     Mukpar (T) Ltd                  insects in various crops;termites                                                                                                                                                                                     

Sevin                              EXP/539            Carbaryl                            Bayer (EA) Ltd                   On maize against stalk

5 G                                                                                                                                                     borers.


Success bait                  EXP/1116          Spinosard                         Dow Agrosciences           control of fruit flies in various crops


Sumicidin/                     EXP/529            Fenvelerate/                     Sumitomo                            On cotton and cereals

Oncol ULV                                               Benfuracarb                                                                  against bolloworms, aphids,

                                                                                                                                                           locust, armyworms etc.

Sumicombi                     EXP/343            Fenvalerate                      Sumitomo                            Against chewing and sucking

30 EC                                                                                                                                                 insects on various crops.


Sumithion                      EXP/202            Fenitrothion                     Sumitomo                            On maize against stalk

3% D                                                                                                                                                 borers.                                    

Sumithion                      EXP/203            Fenitrothion                     Sumitomo                            Public health against 

80 EC                                                                                                                                                 mosquito


Sumithion                      EXP/205            Fenitrothion                     Sumitomo                            Cereals, vegetables

L 100                                                                                                                                                 pasture against locust and armyworms

Sumithion                      EXP/793            Fenitrothion                     Sumitomo                            Against locusts and armyworms


                Sumithion      EXP/206            Fenitrothion                     Sumitomo                            Red and desert locust

98% ULV                                                                                                                                          control.                   


Super Doom                  EXP/800            Cypermethrin +               Reckitt Benckiser               Against cockroaches

Fast Knockdown                                    Imiprothrin

Cockroach Killer


Supercelio                     EXP/919          d-allethrins                      MSK Industries                 Mosquito control

Mosq. coil


Trade Name                  Reg. No.           Common Name               Registrant                          Usage


Super Pyblast             EXP/987              Pyrethrin+                        ………………….                Houseflies and mosquitoes

                                                            Piperonyl butoxide


Supona aerosol            EXP/1093          Chlorfenvinphos+          Fortdodge Animal                 ticks and maggots aerosol on wounds

                                                                   Dichlorvos+                     Health ,South Africa

                                                                   Gentian violet                                                              

Tabafan 48EC               EXP/1059          Chlorpyrifos                    Osho Chem. Ind.                Various insects in various crops,house                                                                                                                                                                           household pests,ornamentals                


Tafethion 50EC             EXP/1030          EthionOSHO Chem. Industies                                   mites and sucking insects in various



Talstar 12g/l                  EXP/584            Bifenthrin                         F M C                                  Control of leafminers, mites scales and

                                                                                                                                                           aphids on cotton beans and vegetable.


Tatacyper 10EC        EXP/1028              Cypermethrin                   OSHO Chem. Industies    against various insect pests                   


Tempo                            EXP/689            Beta-cyfluthrin                Bayer  Environm. Scien.   For tse-tse fly target in impregnation

12.5SC                                                                                                                                               and household pest control.


Terraguard                    EXP/679            Chlorpyrifos                    Nova Ind. Ltd.                    On crops against chewing and

10 EC                                                                                                                                                 sucking insect pests and public health

                                                                                                                                                           against mosquitoes.      

Termidor 25EC              EXP/710            Fipronil                             BASF Agro BV                  Against termites.


Thioba 95% tech          EXP/1139          Fenitrothion                     Bajuta General Vetagro     …………………….



Thunder OD145            EXP/1038          Imidacloprid+                  Bayer (EA) Ltd                   on cotton against aphids,thrips etc


Titan 25EC                     EXP/979            Acetamiprid                     Arysta Lif Sciences           tomatoes Vs liriomysa trifolii



TOBECO-75WSP         EXP/1198          Acephate                         Equatorial Africa Ltd        control of various chewing and binting

                                                                                                                                                           Insect pests

Torque 550SC               EXP/688            Fenbutatin                       BASF                                   On beans and ornamentals against                                                                                                

                                                                   Oxide                                                                              mites.

Tracker                           EXP/814            Tralomethrin                    DuPont                                Against desert and red locusts larvae

 16.5 ULV

Tracer 480SL                 EXP/1035          Spinosyn A and B          Dow Agroscience             thrips and leafminers in horticulture


Trigger Supper 10CS   EXP/1158          lambda -                            Equatorial Africa Ltd        various insect pests in crops and public

                                                                   Cyhalothrin                                                                   health

Twiga                             EXP/731            Carbaryl                            Twiga Chem                       Against fleas in poultry and chewing

Carbaryl 5% D                                                                                                                                 and sucking insect pests in horticultural crops


Twiga primethyl           EXP/1153          pirimiphos-                       Twiga Cheminal Ind.         Certain pests in vegetables,storage structures

50EC                                                          methyl                                                                            and public health


Twiga Thiodan             EXP/921          Endosulfan                      Twiga                                    insect pests in tobacco and maize                                                                                                             

Ustaad                           EXP/220            Cypermethrin                   United                                 On coffee against sucking and chewing

 2.5ULV                                                                                               Phosphorus                        insects.


Trade Name                  Reg. No.           Common Name               Registrant                          Usage


Vantex                            EXP/871            gamma cyhalothrin         Dow Agro                           Cotton, vegetables, beans and coffee

                                                                                                                                                           against a wide range of pests.

Vectobac WDG            EXP/1004          B.thuringiensis               City Medical Office           mosquito larvae control

(or Vectolex)                                           ( or Bacillus sphaericus)  DSM


Vitashield 24ULV         EXP/1102          Chlorpyrifos                    Equatorial Africa Ltd        various pests



Vitashield 48EC            EXP/1100          Chlorpyrifos                    Equatoria Africa                various pests                                            


X-pel                              EXP/833            Diethyl toluamide +        Mansoor Daya                   Against mosquitoes

Mosquito                                                 Dimethyl phthalate


Zero-Bite Mosquito     EXP/828            Essential Oils                   Shely Pharm.                      Against mosquitoes




Zetabestox 10EW         EXP/975         zetacypermethrin               FMC                                    against various pests in cotton





Acrobat Mz                   EXP/724            Dimethomorph                BASF                                   On flowers, potatoes, tomatoes

                                                                   +Mancozeb                                                                   and tobacco against downy/powdery

                                                                                                                                                           mildew and blights


Agro-Captan                 EXP/605            Captan                              Transagro                           On seeds and soil borne

50WP                                                                                                                                                diseases.          


Agro-Copoxy                EXP/631            Copper                              Transagro                           Control of CBD, leaf rust and other

50%WP                                                    Oxychloride                                                                   fungal diseases.      


Agro-Zeb 80WP           EXP/503            Mancozeb                        Transagro                           Control most fungal diseases on     

                                                                                                             various crops.


Aliette                            EXP/562            Fosetyl-Al                        Bayer (E.A)Ltd                   On avocado, pineapple, rubber and

                                                                                                                                                           onion against fungal diseases.


Amistar 250SC              EXP/1087          Azoxystrobin                   Syngenta                            against  plant fungal diseases


Antiblue Select             EXP/769            Benzalkonium Choride   Arch Timber(UK)              Against fungi and moulds on freshly

                                                                   + Iodo-propylbutyl                                                      felled and sown timber

                                                                   Carbamate + Disodium


Artea 330EC                  EXP/983            Cyproconazole+              Syngenta Crop Prot.         Fungal diseases in cereals                      


Bavistin DF                   EXP/765            Carbendazim                    BASF                                   Against fungal diseases

                                                                                                                                                           on agricultural, horticultural crops,

                                                                                                                                                           vegetables and ornamentals.

Bayleton                        EXP/567            Triadimefon                     Bayer (E.A)Ltd                   Control of coffee Leaf Rust  

250EC                                                                                                   (Hemileia vastatrix).



Trade Name                  Reg. No.           Common Name               Registrant                          Usage


Caramba                         EXP/729            Metconazole                    BASF                                   Against rust septoria in cereals.

60 SL                                                                                                                                                

Contaf 5SC                    EXP/1026          Hexaconazole                  OSHO Chem. Industies    powderly mildiew in various crops


Delan                              EXP/712            Dithianon                         BASF                                   Coffee against CBD and leaf rust


Domark 40                     EXP/805            Tetraconazole                  Isagro S.p.a                        control of powderly mildiew on roses


Euparen M                    EXP/572            Tolyfluanid                       Bayer (E.A)Ltd                  Botrytis plasmopara on grapes

50WP                                                                                                                                                ornamentals, Alternaria on vegetables. 


Falcom S-Dust              EXP/1160          sulpur                               Export Trading Co Ltd      powderly mildew in cashew


Falcom 5% WP             EXP/1162          Triadimenol                      Export Trading Co Ltd      powderly mildew in various crops


Falmenol 250EC            EXP/1164          Triadimenol                      Export Trading Co Ltd      broad spectrum systemic and foliar


Fer-                                 EXP/656            Copper                              Fertilizer                              On coffee against CBD.   

Oxychloride                                             Oxychloride                     & Chem.


Flint 50WG                    EXP/995            Trifloxystrobin                Bayer(EA) Ltd                    control of fungal diseases in roses


Folpan 50SC                  EXP/953            Folpet                               Makhteshim                       on vegetables against early blight

                                                                                                                                                           Mildew and anhracnose


Ground                           EXP/620            Sulphur                             Solvary                                For mildew in Wineyards.     

Sulphur                                                                                               Catalyst    


Homai                             EXP/541            Thiophanate-                    Nippon Soda                     Wide spectrum seed disinfectant.  

80% WP                                                    Methyl + Thiram                                                          .            


Korosho                                                   EXP/739                            Sulphur                               TRADEP Ltd.                                             Against cashew powdery

Brand                                                                                                                                                mildew


Labilite                           EXP/059            Thiophanate-                   Nippon Soda                      Wheat, vegetables, fruits    

                                                                   methyl + Maneb                                                           against mildews, blights,                                                                                                                                                        leafspots and anthracuose

Linkfonium                    EXP/1192          Fosetyl+Aluminium        Linkforward                        against damping off and rot of plant

                                                                                                                                                           Roots,stems and fruit                              

Linkfozeb                       EXP/1195          Fosetyl-Aluminium         Linkforward                        against a wide spectrum of fungal

                                                                   Mancozeb                        Co. Ltd                                diseases

Liquicop                                                   EXP/792                            Copper Ammonium           Hydrotech                                                  On coffee against CBD

                                                                   Carbonate                        Int (PTY)

Lotus 80Wp                  EXP/976            Mancozeb                        Shanghai Suceed Agro-   vs downey mildiew in fruits and

                                                                                                             Chemical Co.                      horticultural crops

Luxan                             EXP/641            Carbendazim                    B.V. Luxan,                         On cereal crops, fruit vines hops,

Carbendazim                                                                                       The Netherlands                vegetable, ornamentals, coffee, cotton,

                                                                                                                                                           sugar cane, tobacco and other crops

                                                                                                                                                           against fungal diseases

Melody Duo WP 66.8  EXP/1091          Propineb+Provalicarb    Bayer east Africa               early and late blight in vegetables


Meltatox                                                   EXP/763                            Dodemorpha-                     BASF                                                           Powdery mildew on ornamentals.

400EC                                                        cetate


Trade Name                  Reg. No.           Common Name               Registrant                          Usage


Merpan                          EXP/910            Captan                              Makhteshim                       Control of late blight

50 WP

Monceren GT               EXP/1069          Imidacloprid+                  Bayer (E.A)  Ltd                 seed dressing against early sucking

FS 390                                                       Pencycuron+                                                                insects and seedling diseases in

                                                                   Thiram                                                                            cotton,beans,sunflower etc.


Mosan SL                      EXP/741            Thiram +                           Pesticides                           On maize, groundnuts and bean seeds

                                                                   Lindane                            Manufacturers                   against dumping off, insect pests and

                                                                                                             Ltd.                                      seedling blights.                                                                                                .

Mupafidan                    EXP/1125         Triadimenol                  Equatorial Africa Ltd             fungal diseases in various crops


Mupavil 50EC               EXP/1144          Hexaconazole                  Equatorial Africa           fungal diseases  in various crops


Murtano                                                   EXP/746                            Thiram +                              Crompton                                                    Seed dressing for maize, beans and

 47WP                                                       Lindane                            (Uniroyal Chem)                sorghum.


Nordox Super                EXP/747            Cuprous Oxide                Nordox                                Coffee against CBD and leaf rust

W75                                                                                                     Industrier As


Opus                              EXP/845            Epoxiconazole                 BASF                                   Against rusts and septoria in wheat and             

                                                                                                                                                           blotches on barley

Polar                               EXP/931            Polyaxin                            Tivonchem                         control of powderly mildew on


Polyram DF                   EXP/240            Metiram Complex            BASF AG.                           On beans, vegetables and  fruits against


Previcur Energy            EXP/1070          Propamocarb+                 Bayer (E.A) Ltd                  against downy mildiew in ornamentals

SL840                                                        Fosetyl

Rav 500SC                     EXP/1154          Chlorothalonil                 Equatorial Africa Ltd        various fungal diseases on a variety

                                                                                                                                                           Of crops

Raxil 025FS                    EXP/803            Tebuconazole                  Bayer (E.A)Ltd                  seed treatment in barley


Raxil S 040FS                 EXP/804            Tebuconazole+               Bayer Bayer (E.A)Ltd       seed treatment


Real 200 FS                    EXP/563            Triticonazole                    Bayer (E.A)Ltd                   Seed treatment.              


Rovral Flo                      EXP/501            Iprodione                         Bayer (E.A)Ltd                   Beans, flowers, sunflowers, vegetables   

                                                                                                                                                           against fungal diseases.

Saprol 20EC                   EXP/687            Triforine                           BASF                                   On fruits, flowers, ornamentals

                                                                                                                                                           and other crops against powdery

                                                                                                                                                           mildew,rust and leaf spot

Seedmax 30WS             EXP/1105          Imidacloprid+                  Chemtura Corporation      seedtreatment for control of soil borne

                                                                   Metalaxyl+                       Nairobi                                diseases and sucking insect pests


Stroby DF                      EXP/764            Kresoxim-                         BASF                                   On agricultural/horticultural crops,

                                                                   Methyl                                                                           vegetables & ornamentals against

                                                                                                                                                           fungal diseases.


Sulfex 80% WP             EXP/1168          Sulphur                             Equatorial Africa Ltd        powderly mildew in grapes,cowpea,and

                                                                                                                                                           Scab in apples


Sulfex Gold                    EXP/1166          Sulphur                             Equatorial Africa Ltd        powderly mildew in grapes,mango,apples

80% WDG                                                                                                                                        and scab in apples


Trade Name                  Reg. No.           Common Name               Registrant                          Usage


Sulphur F-80                 EXP/1161          sulphur                             Export Trading Co. Ltd     Grapes, vegetables against brown rot,

                                                                                                                                                           Scab and mildew

Sumi - 8                          EXP/122            Diniconazole                    Sumitomo                            Coffee and wheat against leaf rust

                                                                                                                                                           and powdery mildews on cashewnuts.

Tanalith CP                   EXP/502            Copper                              Arch Timber                       Wood destroying fungi insect 

                                                                    Sulphate +                       Products                             and termites.           



Tata Master                  EXP/1025          Metalaxyl+                       OSHO Chem. Industies    against various fungal diseases


Teldor WG50                EXP/1092          fenhexamid                       Bayer East Africa              Botrytis in flowers and other horti crops             

Topas 100EC                 EXP/386            Penconazole                    Syngenta                            Vegetables, cashewnuts,

                                                                                                                                                           grapevines and ornamentals.


Verita                              EXP/997            Fenamidon+                     Bayer(EA) Ltd                    against powderly mildiew in

                                                                   Fosetyl-Al                                                                     flowers & ornamentals


Wetsulf 80WP              EXP/936            Sulfur                                National Estate                  against powderly mildew on

                                                                                                                                                           Vegetables and cereals

Xantho 5EC                   EXP/1109          Hexaconazole                  Atul Ltd;India                    powdery mildew, and leaf rust






Acenit 50EC                  EXP/535            Acetochlor                       Chemol Co Ltd                   On various weeds in coffee,                                                                                                       sugarcane, maize and potatoes.


Agro-2,4D                     EXP/643            2,4D                                   Transagro                           On wheat, barley, rice, grassland

Amine 720 SL                                                                                                                                   pasture, maize and sugarcane 

                                                                                                                                                           against broad leaved weeds.

Agro-Sate                      EXP/607            Glyphosate                      Transagro                           Weed control.


Agro-Sate                      EXP/517            Glyphosate                      Transagro                           Weed control.                    


Argold 10%EC              EXP/668            Cinmethylin                     BASF                                   Weed control in transplanted


Axial 45EC                     EXP/1137          Pinoxaden                        Syngenta Crop Prot.         Grass weeds in wheat and barley


Basagran KV-P             EXP/509            Bentazon +                       BASF AG.                           Wheat and barley against broad

                                                                   Mecoprop-P                                                                  leaved weeds.              

Boxer 800EC                  EXP/1136          Prosulfocarb                    Syngenta Crop Prot.         Grasses and broad leaf weeds                                                                                                   


Cadre 24% SL               EXP/669            Imidazolinone                  BASF AG                            On sugarcane against Pre- and

                                                                                                                                                           Post emergence weeds. 


Calpen                            EXP/880            Pendimethalin                  Amiran (K)                          On sugarcane for control of grassweeds

500 EC                                                                                                                                               and broadleaved weeds.




Trade Name                  Reg. No.           Common Name               Registrant                          Usage


Codal Gold                    EXP/1135          S-metalochlor+         Syngenta Crop Protection      grasses and leaf weeds in cotton

412.5DC                                                    Prometryn

Cossack                         EXP/941            Iodosulfuron methyl       Bayer (E.A)Ltd                  control of grass and broad leaved

                                                                   Sodium+mesulfuron                                                    weeds in cereals


Clodex 100EC                EXP/1202          Clodinafop Propargyl     Invectra Agro Ltd             control of wild oats


Ditex 50SC                     EXP/1049          Diuron                              Fluence Middle E.A          pre-and post emergency herbicide

                                                                                                             Ltd;Cyprus                         in various crops

Equation Pro                 EXP/1009          Famoxadone+                  DuPont Nemours               downy mildiew, early blight ,and late

                                                                   Gymoxanil                                                                      blight in tomatoes,potataoes,&lettuce


Fer-Amine                     EXP/648            2,4-D                                 Fertilizer &                          On wheat, rice, maize and sorghum

720SL                                                                                                   Chem.                                   against pre- and post-emergence


Focus ultra                    EXP/409            Cycloxydim                      BASF AG.                           On broad leaved crops to control    


                                                                                                                                                           annual and perennial grass weeds